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Northland commemorates Racial Harmony Day

Our school commemorated Racial Harmony Day on 20 July 2018 with the theme "Diverse City". The Cultural Bites during recess were very well-received by the students as they indulged in the traditional food of the other races. During the assembly, Northstars were entertained with an interesting skit on Racial Harmony. This was followed by The Harmony Runway, which showcased our teachers and students who donned the traditional outfits and strutted down the runway. Students were able to understand the significance of Racial Harmony Day and also gained deeper appreciation of the different cultures in Singapore. 

Northland Celebrates Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Northland Secondary School celebrated Hari Raya Aidilfitri on 6 July 2018. The air was filled with excitement when the kompang procession started the concert.  This was followed by a skit on the values and lessons of Ramadan and Hari Raya Aidilfitri. A video montage was also shown educating the audience on Hari Raya traditional delicacies such as kuih makmur and kuih sugee. The audience were also entertained by our talented Northstars who belt out catchy Hari Raya songs. The celebration came to a climax with a music video from the school staff wishing everyone Selamat Hari Raya. It was yet another memorable day in Northland.

PassionArts 2018 – ‘A 1000 Starlights’

On 30 June 2018, Northland Secondary School held our PassionArts concert at School of the Arts (SOTA) concert hall. Held every two years in lieu of SYF, the concert provides a platform to showcase students’ artistic talents as well as to develop in students an appreciation of the Arts. This year’s PassionArts theme is ‘A 1000 Starlights’. The concert featured performances from our school’s performing arts groups, Wushu and some of our gifted Northstars. It was a performance to behold.

Northland X-Cite Games 2018

Our school ended term 2 on a high with the X-Cite Games. The X-Cite Games is part of the school’s Learning of Life Programme (LLP) - Game for Life (GfL). The programme aims to empower Northstars to live a healthy and active life and through sports, prepare Northstars for life, with a strong foundation in values, socio-emotional competencies and 21st century competencies. After the taking the Athletes’ Oath, students participated in a myriad of activities such as the 100-metre dash, Captain’s Ball, Ultimate Frisbee, Handball, Soccer,  4x100m relay races, telematches and the inter-level Staff Race.  It was a day of fun and building camaraderie amongst classmates and friends. The event finished off strongly with a powerful rendition of our school song – Responsible and Resolute.  

Northland Secondary School Speech & Prize-Giving Day – True North

Our school held our Speech and Prize-Giving Day on 20 April 2018. This year, our theme is ‘True North’ – which symbolises how our school’s vision, mission and values guide our journey and aspirations to be beacons of our community. The school was humbled by the presence of our cluster superintendent, Mrs Becky Neo and Mr Daniel Ong, alumnus of the school and entrepreneur. The event started off with the unveiling of our school vision -  Learners who Share, Citizens who Care, Leaders who Dare. This was followed by the prize-giving ceremony where we were also enchanted by performances from the Symphonic Band, Indian Dance and Malay Dance. The event ended with a wonderful reception, aptly named, ‘Journey of Wonders’, where guests viewed the mesmerising art pieces done up by our Northstars. It was an evening to behold. 

SPARCLE Week 1 2018 - Secondary 4N Elective Modules

During SPARCLE Week, our graduating students were given the opportunity to choose from a variety of eight different Institute of Technical Education (ITE) elective modules: Aeronautical Engineering, F1 Engineering, Beauty Services, Digital Photography, Food and Beverage Services, Fashion design, Events Management and Mobile Application and Design. These courses allowed them to explore their interests and allowed them to experience the curriculum covered in the courses. 

SPARCLE Week 1 2018 - Secondary 4 and 5 Camp SPARCLE

SPARCLE Week 1 2018 - Secondary 3 Northland Overseas Values in Action (NOVIA)

Northland Overseas Values in Action (NOVIA) is a signature school programme designed to provide our Northstars with meaningful internationalisation. Through NOVIA, Northstars have the opportunity to live our School Vision of Learners 
who Share, Citizens who Care and Leaders who Dare.
In 2018, our secondary 3 Northstars had the opportunity to visit the three places:
Phnom Penh in Cambodia
My Tho and Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam
Batam in Indonesia
In these places, they taught English and Mathematics to beneficiaries in primary schools and orphanages and helped to improve their environment through painting and infrastructural enhancements.

Students found NOVIA meaningful and exciting. Through NOVIA, many learnt that they could live out the school values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience, contribute actively to the progress of the global community, and feel grateful and fortunate to be in Singapore.

SPARCLE Week 1 2018 - Secondary 2 Camp Responsibility

In our Camp Responsibility, students were exposed the elements where students took part in Dragon Boating and Rock Climbing. The key highlight of this camp was our inaugural activity – Snow Challenge which was held at Snow City where students experienced and learnt about taking responsibility for their safety and survival skills in cold climates.

SPARCLE Week 1 2018 - Secondary 2 Career Talk

To help our Northstars explore viable education and career options, Northland Secondary School conducted its annual career talk for our Secondary Twos during SPARCLE Week 1 on 6 March 2018. Our invited speakers span various industries including media, banking, health and hospitality.

Through the talk, our Northstars got to understand the workings of the various industries, and the competencies and qualifications needed to work in these fields. Our speakers were alumni of Northland Secondary School and North View Secondary School, who keenly shared on their professions, and urged the young ones to reach for their aspirations.

Northland Secondary School would like to thank the following speakers for their time and for sharing their passion with our Northstars –

•  Mr Shaik Firdaus Bin Shaik Ismail
•   Miss Pristina Prakashini Philip
•  Mr Desmond Ng
•  Miss Annabelle Maria Jeffrey 
•  Mr Robin Chua
• Mr Ian Soh

SPARCLE Week 1 2018 - Secondary 1 N.S.S. Trail

During SPARCLE Week, our secondary one Northstars went through the Navigating Success in Subjects (N.S.S) Trail. The objectives of the trail are to enable our secondary one students to experience a multi-disciplinary learning trail that
develops confidence and skills in creative problem solving, critical thinking, communication and collaboration; inspire learning by enabling students to appreciate that knowledge from different subject disciplines can be functional and effectively applied and nurture students of character through learning in a cooperative and fun setting. The activities
include proposing a NorthStar Meal, drafting a pricing and budgeting plan, designing publicity materials to promote the
meal and investigating about food fare in the Northland canteen and pledge against food wastage.

SPARCLE Week 1 2018 - Secondary 1 Camp Respect

During SPARCLE Week, our secondary 1 students were engaged in academic-based outdoor and real-life activities that helped them understand how the various subjects play a part in their every-day lives in the Navigating Success in Subjects (N.S.S) Trail. Northstars also visited Kidzania and explored a variety of occupations and appreciated what life would be like
as an adult. In addition, our Northstars interviewed our cleaning staff to appreciate the demands of their jobs and resolved
to keep their school environment clean. They ended the week with a trip to Gardens by the Bay where they built camaraderie while appreciating Singapore’s nation-building efforts.

SPARCLE Week 1 2018 - GfL X-treme Run

On 5 March 2018, Northland kicked start our SPARCLE Week 1 with our annual GfL X-treme Run at MacRitchie Reservoir. The run is part of the school’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP), cultivating lifelong love for physical activity and sports in students.  Students and staff gathered at MacRitchie Reservoir to enjoy the early morning run, overcoming challenges and showing resilience in completing the run. It was a fun day building camaraderie and doing some physical exercise.

Northland commemorates Total Defence Day

The theme for Total Defence Day 2018 -- "Together We Keep Singapore Strong" -- focuses on the many ways we can put Total Defence into action in our everyday lives. There was a differentiated learning experience for the students in this year’s commemoration of Total Defence Day to allow them to know how they can play an active role in keeping Singapore strong. We also had an emergency exercise and food rationing exercise to remind us of our vulnerability and to not take Singapore for granted.  

Northland celebrates Lunar New Year

Northland celebrated Lunar New Year on 15 February 2018, which was the eve of the Lunar New Year. The celebrations started off with a Chinese calligraphy and class decoration competition. This was then followed by a class party, where students got to toss Yusheng with their classmates. After the party, the students gathered at the hall for an entertaining Lunar New Year Concert. 

Northland Secondary School celebrates Pongal

Northland Secondary School celebrated Pongal on Friday, 19 January 2018. Organised by the Tamil Unit, the event sought to educate the students on the significance of Pongal. Pongal is a festival celebrated in South India over four days, by farmers who give thanks to the Sun God for the blessings of a rich harvest. The event was marked by a concert as well as a display on how to make pongal. 

2017 Release of GCE-O-Level Results

On Friday 12 January 2018, graduating students from Northland Secondary School received their GCE O-level Results.  All of them were given a warm welcome by Principal, Mdm Jennifer Tan Siew Woon.  After a briefing, the graduating students received their result slips from their respective Form Teachers. 98.6% of the students qualify for post-secondary education. 

2017 Release of GCE-N-Level Results

On Monday 18 December 2017, graduating students from the newly merged Northland Secondary School received their GCE N-level results.  All of them were warmly welcomed by Mdm Jennifer Tan Siew Woon, our principal.  In the Normal Academic course, 41 students qualified for the Direct-Entry-Scheme to Polytechnic Programme (DPP). In the Normal Technical course, 100% of the students qualified for post-secondary education in the Institute of Technical Education (ITE).


Thank you for your support for our Open House!
Northland Secondary School would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all parents and students who have attended our inaugural Open House. We hope that the Open House has given you a better insight of the holistic education and the quality programmes which Northland Secondary School provides for our students

Humanities Week 2017 – ‘Stewards Of Our Future’

In conjunction with National Day, the Humanities Department held its week-long signature programme, from 7th to 14th August 2017. It was aimed at raising awareness of the importance of our role as stewards for a future sustainable Singapore. Northstars experienced impersonation of our founding immigrants, collaborative projects with discussion of social issues, challenging inter-class current affairs quizzes, school-wide recycling trivia, imaginative political cartoon-sketching and poster-drawing. There was even an exhibition that showcased outstanding students’ works and appreciation of the value of the Humanities subjects. The finale item was a captivating skit that drove home the message that as Singaporeans, we take pride in celebrating as #onenationtogether. 

Graduation Day    

Northland celebrates National Day with the community!

On 6 August 2017, Northland’s National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC), National Cadet Corps (NCC) Land and National Cadet Corps (NCC) Air participated in the Nee Soon East National Day Carnival as part of our community efforts to celebrate Singapore’s 52nd birthday together with the community. The members of the three uniformed groups were in high spirits and did our school proud by being uniformed group contingent in the carnival. 

Northland welcomes back alumni

On 29 July 2017, Northland Secondary School welcomed back alumni from North View Secondary School. After a short sharing by our vice-principal, Mr Yip on the efforts leading to merger as well as the school’s progress, the alumni went on to tour the Heritage Gallery, which celebrates the legacies of both schools. Our staff, Mr Latiff, Mrs Rufus and Miss Daphne Chong as well as alumna, Miss Siti Fathona, also attended the session and had a wonderful time reconnecting back with our ex-students. It was a day to remember! 

Prefects' Investiture

Mathematics Week

Mathematics Week took place from 24 July to 28 July 2017. Several exciting programmes and activities were conducted over the week to increase our Northstars’ understanding of and appreciation for Mathematics. The signature programme was the “Hello Panda Hunch” competition, where students used their estimation skills to guess the number of “Hello Panda” packets in a container. During Mathematics lessons, students worked on real-life problems to better understand the relevance of Mathematics in their daily lives. Selected students also represented their classes in Mathematics-based games, in a match of their mathematical problem-solving skills with students from other classes. 

International Friendship Day

Teachers' Day Celebrations

Northland celebrated Teachers’ Day on 30 August 2017 with a myriad of activities to revel the day for our dedicated educators. Students made handmade flowers for their teachers to show their appreciation to them. This was followed by a class party. Teachers and students had a wonderful time before proceeding to the hall for the finale, the Teachers’ Day Concert. The theme for the concert was “Wind beneath my Wings”, which illustrates the care and concern that educators show to their wards. The school witnessed wonderful performances from students, the NCC Air unit and Northland Got Talent (NGT) finalists.

PAssion Arts HDB Mural Painting Facade Art 2017

Nee Soon East Community Arts and Culture Club (CACC) invited Northland to be a part of this year's PAssion Arts HDB Mural Painting Facade Art 2017. It is organised annually by Community Arts and Culture Club (CACC) island-wide to bring the community together through art and culture. The theme this year is Arts of Wonder, One Nation. The objectives are to promote multi-ethnic living through art, engage students and bridge schools with residents at the community level. It is also to celebrate National Day and build the nation’s identity through art. Several interested Art students, HeART Club, Netball and InfoComm Club members took up the challenge. Under the guidance of teachers, they accomplished beautiful paintings beaming national pride, which are now hung proudly at Block 330, Yishun Ring Rd.

Northland celebrates National Day 2017

On 8 August 2017, our school celebrated National Day with the theme of #OneNationTogether. The morning started with a Parade Observance Ceremony. Our school’s uniformed groups have put in a lot of time and effort to organise the parade, which lent the celebrations ceremonial splendour, and gave it significance.  After the parade, the students proceeded back to class to do a Zentangle Art activity as well as dressing up a SG Icon. The students had a lot of fun bonding with one another. The day ended with a showcasing of the SG Icons and an entertaining performance by our teachers and our Northland Got Talent contestants, who led us in the community singing. 

National Day Celebrations

National Day Parade

Nanyang International Music Competition

Our Guzheng Ensemble took part in the Nanyang International Music Competition organised by Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts on Saturday, 15 July 2017. The competition is a platform to inspire learning and growth through the arts.  The competition inculcates creative attitudes and a spirit of curiosity and responsibility in our young musicians as they come together to showcase their talents. Our Guzheng Ensemble has practised relentlessly for the competition and they were recognised for their stellar performance with a Silver medal. 

Our Guzheng Ensemble at the Nanyang International Music Competition.jpg

National Schools Literature Festival (NSLF)

The National Schools Literature Festival (NSLF) was held on 15 July 2017 at St. Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School. The NSLF is a literary festival for students in Singapore to develop their passion and love for literature. This year, Northland Secondary School sent in teams for the Book Trailer segment for the Lower Secondary level and the Set Text Debate segment for the Upper Secondary level. It was an enriching learning experience for our Northstars and our Secondary 3NA students won their Set Text Debate segment. 

National Day Celebrations

Youth Day 2017

Northland Secondary School celebrated Youth Day on 4th of July 2017 and hosted students and teachers from Ocean Reef High School from Perth, Australia. It was an entertaining morning as our Northstars and the Australian guests took turns on stage to give our school a concert to remember. After the concert, our SG Ambassadors and International students interacted and bonded with their Australian counterparts. Lifelong friendships were forged. It was indeed a memorable and rewarding experience for all. 

Hari Raya Celebrations

Northland Cross Country

On 26 May 2017, Northland had our Cross Country at MacRitchie Reservoir. The Cross Country is part of the school’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP), cultivating lifelong love for physical activity and sports in students.  Students and staff gathered at MacRitchie Reservoir to enjoy the early morning run, overcoming challenges and showing resilience in completing the run. It was a fun day strengthening bonds and doing some physical exercise. 

Northland Secondary School Inaugural Speech Day 2017

Northland Secondary School celebrated our Inaugural Speech Day as a merged school on 21 April 2017. The theme for our Speech Day is ‘Asfire’.  It is an expression of our noblest aspiration for the merged school, just like two glowing flames that unite to burn more brightly. The guests-of-honour for the event were our former principals of Northland Secondary School and North View Secondary School, Mr Koh Yiak Kheng and Mr Remington Chen. The highlight of the day was the official opening of the Heritage Gallery, where we celebrated our past heritages and also serving as a reminder to continually strive for success. 

Secondary 1 and 2 Historical Investigation (HI)

Northland’s Historical Investigation adopts a multimodal approach in learning history. For both cohorts, a fieldtrip to examine real artefacts was the key pedagogy to pique students’ curiosity about the past. Students were tasked to craft fictional accounts based on the concepts learnt to raise their historical awareness. In addition, role-play was an important component to enable Secondary One students to ‘immerse fully’ in the experiences of our immigrant forefathers. For the Secondary Two students, greater emphasis was placed on historical knowledge and the use of ICT to bring ‘history to life’ by creating a historical artefact (diary) using relevant sources and videos.   

Secondary 3 and 4 Geographical Investigation

For Geographical Investigation (GI) this year, the Secondary Three cohort investigated the microclimate of Northland Secondary School in April while in May, the Secondary Four cohort researched on how Marina Bay Sands caters to business travellers. The teachers designed the learning packages for our Northstars to engage in enquiry processes and bond through teamwork as they participated in the fieldwork. For many, it was the first time to have held a sling psychrometer or conducted a survey and interview. Such opportunities bring out the joy of learning for our students as they are able to relate to the environment instead of simply being armchair geographers.

EBS Learning Journey to Sentosa Island

On 19th April 2017, our Secondary 3 Elements of Business Skills (EBS) students went on an experiential learning journey to Sentosa Island. They sought to learn how the marketing mix could be applied in a real world context. While in Sentosa, they explored the attractions and made observations pertaining to the Tourism and Hospitality industry. Mustering courage, our students interviewed the visitors there to develop as confident speakers. Thereafter, they tapped on the use of iPads to conduct an online research and created a tour package to Sentosa. This tour package highlighted the elements of the marketing mix and the interrelationship between them. 

‘‘In Youthful Company” Performance at the Esplanade

On 1st April 2017, our Northland King’s Pipe band took the stage at the Concourse, Esplanade as they delighted the public with their pipe and drum performance. Comprising of alumni and present students, our pipe band featured some of the famous pipe music pieces. The performance received very positive reviews from the public.

Secondary 1 SPARCLE Week 2017

During SPARCLE (School programme for Physical, Academic, R3 (Respect, Responsibility and Resilience), Character, Leadership and Education & Career Guidance) Week, a suite of programmes is designed to provide opportunities for students to practise and reflect on their values and social-emotional competencies, enhance their school experience and learn experientially. The Secondary 1 students went through the NSS Trail in school, ABC Water Trail @ Lower Seletar Reservoir, a learning journey in the National Museum of Singapore and had fun at Kidzania @ Sentosa. They also did a Values In Action in school. 

2018 Secondary 3 Subject Combinations Briefing

The Secondary 2 students and their parents attended a Secondary 3 Subject Combinations Briefing on 31 March 2017 to be aware of the various choices that are available to them when they are Secondary 3. During the briefing, the heads and coordinators of various departments shared about the nature of their subjects, their desired learning outcomes and their relevance in today’s world. Both parents and students are more informed about the choices available at the end of the session. 

Northland Olympics

Northland Olympics is part of the school's Learning for Life Programme (LLP) which aims to grow student's social emotional competencies through sports and outdoor pursuits. This year’s Northland Olympics signalled the beginning of SPARCLE Week. The events not only included track events, but also had students playing recreational-competitive inter-class sports. Students were also exposed to unique fun and fitness challenges that promote a healthy lifestyle. 

Parent Teacher Communication for Secondary 4 and 5 students

The Parent Teacher Communication for graduating class students was held last Friday 31 March 2017. During that useful session, Form Teachers got to touch base with parents and discuss about the child’s aspirations and academic performance and also about possible pathways that the child can go towards. 

Secondary 2 SPARCLE Week 2017

SPARCLE Week for the Secondary Twos started with Northland Olympics at the Yishun Stadium. The Secondary 2 Northstars also embarked on a Historical Inquiry Learning Journey to Singapore National Museum and Republic of Navy Museum. As part of their Values in Action, the students went to the neighbouring blocks to survey the residents’ needs. Our Northstars showed resilience and teamwork in completing the gruelling activities of Dragon Boating and Trekking at Rail Corridor and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and the Amazing Race in Yishun. The SPARCLE camp ended on a high note with wonderful performances during the campfire night.

Northland Overseas Values in Action (NOVIA)

In March 2017, the Secondary Three students went on their Northland Overseas Values in Action (NOVIA) camp to Bintan and Batam in Indonesia. NOVIA is designed to provide students with an immersive, values-in-action activity folded into an internationalisation experience.

During the experience, our Northstars had the opportunity to interact with locals, undertake service, including teaching and learning activities, and infrastructural improvements. In Bintan, they helped enlivened Hidayatullah Bintan orphanage by painting murals in five of the rooms, and cleaning the compounds. In Batam, students served at the Viran Sejahera orphanage, helping to sand and paint its walls, and building an outdoor cooking stove. Through the experience, they got to work closely with their classmates and teachers, strengthening their bonds. They also got to acquaint themselves with the Indonesian people and culture.

Total Defence Day

The theme for our Total Defence Day this year is ‘Together We Keep Singapore Strong’, which reminds us to continuously take pride in our national identity, have a sense of belonging to Singapore and be committed to nation-building. There was a differentiated learning experience for the students in this year’s commemoration of Total Defence Day, with each level focusing on one of the five pillars of Total Defence Day. We also had an emergency exercise to stress the importance that emergency preparedness is everybody’s business. 

Mother Tongue Fortnight 2017

Mother Tongue Fortnight kicked off this year on the eve of Chinese New Year with the Chinese New Year concert. This year the theme of the Mother Fortnight is ‘Love our language, Appreciate our Culture’. Students were given various platforms to delve deeper into traditions upheld in the past, appreciating tea sessions, calligraphy and making delicious traditional delicacies! The students definitely enjoyed learning more about their culture through food and traditional games. 

Chinese New Year

Northland Secondary School celebrated Chinese New Year on Friday 27 January 2017. The day started off with a class bonding session before students and staff proceeded to the hall to watch an entertaining Chinese New Year concert organised by the Mother Tongue department.