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The NorthStar - A Northland Semestral Newsletter

The NorthStar is a semestral newletter produced together with the School Publications Committee. The newsletter is a platform to allow students to be trained as journalists so that they are given the experience of interviewing school leaders. Moreover, they also write about their experiences going through school events, thus cementing their learning through reflections. 

The NorthStar - The Northland Experience Issue 1 (March 2017)

The NorthStar - The Northland Experience Issue 2 (September 2017)

Chong Pang Next Top Speaker

Chong Pang Next Top Speaker is an annual public speaking competition organised by Chong Pang Toastmaster Club. The event is well attended by schools in Yishun. It is also a public speaking platform that gives students the experience of speaking in public and developing their confidence and communication skills. Students will go through a training session organised by the club as well as given additional coaching by their English Language teachers prior to the competition.