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Humanities Week 2017 – ‘Stewards Of Our Future’

In conjunction with National Day, the Humanities Department held its week-long signature programme, from 7th to 14th August 2017. It was aimed at raising awareness of the importance of our role as stewards for a future sustainable Singapore. Northstars experienced impersonation of our founding immigrants, collaborative projects with discussion of social issues, challenging inter-class current affairs quizzes, school-wide recycling trivia, imaginative political cartoon-sketching and poster-drawing. There was even an exhibition that showcased outstanding students’ works and appreciation of the value of the Humanities subjects. The finale item was a captivating skit that drove home the message that as Singaporeans, we take pride in celebrating as #onenationtogether. 

EBS Learning Journey to Sentosa

On 19th April 2017, our Secondary 3 Elements of Business Skills (EBS) students went on an experiential learning journey to Sentosa Island. They sought to learn how the marketing mix could be applied in a real world context. While in Sentosa, they explored the attractions and made observations pertaining to the Tourism and Hospitality industry. Mustering courage, our students interviewed the visitors there to develop as confident speakers. Thereafter, they tapped on the use of iPads to conduct an online research and created a tour package to Sentosa. This tour package highlighted the elements of the marketing mix and the interrelationship between them. 

Secondary 1 and 2 Historical Investigation

Northland’s Historical Investigation adopts a multimodal approach in learning history. For both cohorts, a fieldtrip to examine real artefacts was the key pedagogy to pique students’ curiosity about the past. Students were tasked to craft fictional accounts based on the concepts learnt to raise their historical awareness. In addition, role-play was an important component to enable Secondary One students to ‘immerse fully’ in the experiences of our immigrant forefathers. For the Secondary Two students, greater emphasis was placed on historical knowledge and the use of ICT to bring ‘history to life’ by creating a historical artefact (diary) using relevant sources and videos.   

Secondary 3 and 4 Geographical Investigation (GI)

For Geographical Investigation (GI) this year, the Secondary Three cohort investigated the microclimate of Northland Secondary School in April while in May, the Secondary Four cohort researched on how Marina Bay Sands caters to business travellers. The teachers designed the learning packages for our Northstars to engage in enquiry processes and bond through teamwork as they participated in the fieldwork. For many, it was the first time to have held a sling psychrometer or conducted a survey and interview. Such opportunities bring out the joy of learning for our students as they are able to relate to the environment instead of simply being armchair geographers.