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Mother Tongue Department 

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Mother Tongue Department

Northland Secondary School celebrates Pongal (2018 - Tamil Unit)

Northland Secondary School celebrated Pongal on Friday, 19 January 2018. Organised by the Tamil Unit, the event sought to educate the students on the significance of Pongal. Pongal is a festival celebrated in South India over four days, by farmers who give thanks to the Sun God for the blessings of a rich harvest. The event was marked by a concert as well as a display on how to make pongal. 

Northland celebrates Lunar New Year (2018 - CL Unit)

Northland celebrated Lunar New Year on 15 February 2018, which was the eve of the Lunar New Year. The celebrations started off with a Chinese calligraphy and class decoration competition. This was then followed by a class party, where students got to toss Yusheng with their classmates. After the party, the students gathered at the hall for an entertaining Lunar New Year Concert.