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Normal Curriculum

Secondary 4N Elective Modules

During SPARCLE Week, our graduating students were given the opportunity to choose from a variety of eight different Institute of Technical Education (ITE) elective modules: Aeronautical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Beauty Services, Digital Photography, Food and Beverage Services, Fashion design, Events Management and Mobile Application and Design. These courses allowed them to explore their interests and allowed them to experience the curriculum covered in the courses. 

Normal (Technical) Curriculum

The purpose of the Normal (Technical) Curriculum to help every student achieve success in school and be equipped to move beyond secondary school with a clear purpose in their lives.  This is achieved by enhancing the quality of school experience for students through school-based curricular innovations involving both academic and co-curricular programmes, as well as collaboration with partners and external agencies.
Featured Programmes
Farm Tour @ Farmart for Secondary 1 NT students
Singapore Cable Car Learning Journey for Secondary 2 NT students
Experience ITE Programme for Secondary 2 NT students
MOE Category (A) Elective Module for Secondary 3 NT students