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Parent Support Group

President:         Mrs Tulasi Tanabal
Vice-Presidents:      Mr Mohamed Faisal bin Mohamed Noor Mdm Rosana Muhammad
Secretary:              Mrs Caren Chua
FMS Coordinator:       Mrs Razmah AR Teo

The Parent Support Group (PSG) is a group of enthusiastic parents who are eager to serve the school as they set aside their time and effort to contribute to the school and to give our children the best educational experience. The PSG participated in numerous school activities and organised events to benefit both parents and the school. Besides participating in several school events, the PSG also initiated a Values in Action through a shoe donation drive in April for ‘Soles for Souls’. The PSG also worked together and tended the school’s garden.

The PSG also held two bonding activities under the ‘Dads for Life’ programme; a bowling session at Yishun SAFRA and Futsal War in school in July respectively. Zumba classes were also held in August to promote active lifestyle and physical well-being. The PSG has also helped to organise numerous talks to help parents to understand and relate better with their teenage children. 

Through all these activities, the PSG has forged a strong relationship with the school and has also formed lasting camaraderie among their members. 

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Raising your child for Success
source:, Ministry of Education.