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Values in Action

Secondary 3 SPARCLE Week 2017 - Northland Overseas Values in Action (NOVIA)

In March 2017, the Secondary Three students went on their Northland Overseas Values in Action (NOVIA) camp to Bintan and Batam in Indonesia. NOVIA is designed to provide students with an immersive, values-in-action activity folded into an internationalisation experience.

During the experience, our Northstars had the opportunity to interact with locals, undertake service, including teaching and learning activities, and infrastructural improvements. In Bintan, they helped enlivened Hidayatullah Bintan orphanage by painting murals in five of the rooms, and cleaning the compounds. In Batam, students served at the Viran Sejahera orphanage, helping to sand and paint its walls, and building an outdoor cooking stove. Through the experience, they got to work closely with their classmates and teachers, strengthening their bonds. They also got to acquaint themselves with the Indonesian people and culture.

Graduation Package

During SPARCLE Week, our graduating students were engaged in various Education and Career Guidance (ECG) activities that prepared them for the upcoming examinations and the next phases of their lives. Students experienced the life in tertiary education through their visit to Republic Polytechnic. They also took part in a Social and Time Management Skills Workshop that prompted them to think and plan for their future. Through fun and games, students were able to spend the time during the workshop to craft out their life purpose, which helped them to plan their paths for their future. They also experienced what it was like to undergo an interview in a safe environment. As part of their Values-In-Action (VIA), our Northstars planned and visited various Old Folk Homes to bring some joy and sunshine to the elders in our community.