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Learning for Life Programme

“Game for Life”, our school’s Learning for Life Programme leverages Sports and Physical Activity to prepare students for life by imbuing them with strong social-emotional competencies grounded on our core values of Respect, Responsibility and Resoluteness.  Students will also be empowered with the passion, knowledge and skills to lead a life of healthy and sporting pursuits. In addition, those with sporting talent will be identified and progressively developed through exposure to competitive sports within and beyond the school.
Programmes like our rugged SPARCLE cohort camps give our students the opportunity to develop personal and team resoluteness and manage relationships. Students build empathy for the community through Community Involvement Programmes by ActiveSG.  School run sports programmes like Sports Day, Futsal Wars, Northland Olympics, CCA Challenge, and Active Sportsman Festival help students to develop their social-emotional competencies whilst developing their sporting interest and ability. Students are also encouraged to participate in activities run by the community like ActiveSG e.g. the 100km Challenge and Singapore National Games, to pursue their sporting interests even further.

Northland Cross Country

On 26 May 2017, Northland had our Cross Country at MacRitchie Reservoir. The Cross Country is part of the school’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP), cultivating lifelong love for physical activity and sports in students.  Students and staff gathered at MacRitchie Reservoir to enjoy the early morning run, overcoming challenges and showing resilience in completing the run. It was a fun day strengthening bonds and doing some physical exercise. 

Northland Olympics

Northland Olympics is part of the school's Learning for Life Programme (LLP) which aims to grow student's social emotional competencies through sports and outdoor pursuits. This year’s Northland Olympics signalled the beginning of SPARCLE Week. The events not only included track events, but also had students playing recreational-competitive inter-class sports. Students were also exposed to unique fun and fitness challenges that promote a healthy lifestyle. 

Game for Life (GfL) - Empowering our Active Sportsmen

Game for Life (GfL) is the school’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP), with sports as its focus. The programme aims to empower Northstars to live a healthy and active life and through sports, prepare Northstars for life, with a strong foundation in values, socio-emotional competencies and 21st century competencies. This is achieved by allowing our students to extend their learning from their Physical Education (PE) classes into the recreational sporting arenas at the individual, small group, class and Co-Curricular Activity levels. This year the school organised the following sporting events as part of the LLP - 

Sports Day (Athletics and Interclass Sports Challenge)
Northland Cross Country
Learning Journey to the Singapore Sports Hub
Active Sportsman Festival 
GfL X-press Badminton Smash
GfL X-press Futsal Challenge
GfL X-Celebrate CCA Challenge
GfL X-plore Tennis Clinic and Learning Journey
GfL X-cel Sports Leaders Camp