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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

Game for Life: Empowering our Active Sportsmen

Developing Social Emotional Competencies through Sports and Physical Activities

Our school’s Learning for Life Programme, Game for Life” leverages sports and physical activity to prepare our Northstars for life, by imbuing them with strong social-emotional competencies grounded on our core values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.  Students will also be empowered with the passion, knowledge and skills to lead a life of healthy and sporting pursuits. In addition, students with sporting talent will be identified and progressively developed through exposure to competitive sports within and beyond the school.

The Game for Life programme at Northland Secondary is effected through a 2 prong approach articulated across the total curriculum:

1. Play to Learn:       Nurturing minds and strengthening vigour by developing students’ passion, knowledge and skills to lead a life of healthy and sporting pursuits and to fulfil their sporting potential through the (i) Physical Education, Outdoor Education and Co-curricular Activities and (ii) signature school programmes, such as SPARCLE Week.

      2. Learn to Play:     Shaping character through an enacted, progressive and integrated curriculum centred on school and sporting values, attitudes and socio-emotional competencies.

 The Activities: to Discover, to Develop & to Deepen –

  • GfL X-cite Games
  • GfL X-treme Run
  • GfL X-celebration Challenge
  • GfL X-plore Carnival
  • GfL X-perience Sports Programmes
  • GfL X-press Sports Programmes
  • GfL X-tend Competition
  • GfL X-cercise & Nutrition
  • GfL X-cellence (Sports)
  • GfL X-cellence (Leadership)


Game for Life (GfL) X-Cite Games

Our school ended term 2 on a high with the X-Cite Games. The X-Cite Games is part of the school’s Learning of Life Programme (LLP) - Game for Life (GfL). The programme aims to empower Northstars to live a healthy and active life and through sports, prepare Northstars for life, with a strong foundation in values, socio-emotional competencies and 21st century competencies. After the taking the Athletes’ Oath, students participated in a myriad of activities such as the 100-metre dash, Captain’s Ball, Ultimate Frisbee, Handball, Soccer,  4x100m relay races, telematches and the inter-level Staff Race.  It was a day of fun and building camaraderie amongst classmates and friends. The event finished off strongly with a powerful rendition of our school song – Responsible and Resolute. 

Game for Life (GfL) X-treme Run

On 5 March 2018, Northland kicked start our SPARCLE Week 1 with our annual GfL X-treme Run at MacRitchie Reservoir. The run is part of the school’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP), cultivating lifelong love for physical activity and sports in students.  Students and staff gathered at MacRitchie Reservoir to enjoy the early morning run, overcoming challenges and showing resilience in completing the run. It was a fun day building camaraderie and doing some physical exercise.