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1. What type of pupils are we looking for? 

We are looking for pupils who are currently playing competitive hockey or who display a strong interest and aptitude for the sport. Your child need not be a hockey player but must possess athletic ability, good reflexes and hand/eye coordination skills for the sport. He/She must also possess diligence & a positive attitude in academic work. 

Consideration will be taken on a pupil’s relevant accomplishments and representation in sports or any other activity. Recommendations of the teacher-in-charge of hockey at the primary school/ other references will be considered.

2. Is there a minimum requirement? 

All pupils who can demonstrate the criteria listed in Question 1 above will be eligible. 

3. When is the closing date for submitting the DSA application form?

       Application (8 May 2019 – 4 Jun 2019) 

Centralised DSA-Sec Portal:

a. Cost - Free-of-charge.

b. Application Period – Four weeks, from 8 May 2019, 9am to 4 Jun 2019, 3pm.

c. Authentication

 Applicants studying in MOE mainstream primary schools:

               Only one parent’s SingPass is needed to log in.
                               If parent/ guardian is unable to apply online, they can approach the child’s primary school for assistance. 

·             Applicants NOT studying in MOE mainstream primary schools:

They need to obtain a Registration Number (RGxxxxxxx) at MOE Customer Service Centre (CSC) from 

8 May 2019, 9am to 4 Jun 2019, 3pm, before they can apply through the DSA-Sec Portal. 

Refer them to MOE website at: 

https://va.ecitizen.gov.sg/cfp/customerPages/moe/displayresult.aspx?Mes Id=5509687 d

4. What is Northland Secondary School’s vision for hockey in future? 

Northland Secondary School intends to be the centre of excellence for hockey among schools in Singapore where Northlanders can move on to represent Singapore in the international hockey arena. 

5. What sets Northland Secondary School apart from other schools offering hockey as a sport? 

Our comprehensive training programme manned by a team of highly qualified coaches and teachers, and sterling achievements in national hockey competitions since 1996,  have established Northland Secondary School as a powerhouse in Hockey for both the Girls' and Boys' Divisions. 

6. What value-addedness will Northland Secondary provide my child? 

In line with the school’s vision, we leverage hockey towards enhancing the mental, social and moral development of our pupils, through imparting in them life skills so that they become successful and socially responsible individuals. In addition to the school’s hockey programme, the plethora of co-curricular enrichment programmes exposes pupils to experiences that provide them opportunities to learn new skills, tackle difficulties and challenges in the evolving economy.
7. How heavily involved will my child be in this CCA and what academic assistance will you provide my child? 

Hockey training practice occurs three times a week at the School’s Hockey turf.  The school has an academic monitoring system in place to identify pupils that require remediation and academic guidance. 

8. Will my child have to purchase his or her own hockey equipment? 

The school provides basic hockey equipment such as hockey sticks, protective gear and jersey sets. 

9. If my child does not progress up to expectation, what will the school do?

Your child will still remain in the team and will be provided opportunities to represent the school at levels your child is comfortable with.