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Northland Celebrates Hari Raya

Northland held our Hari Raya celebrations on the last day of school, 28 May. This year's celebration is aptly themed Adaptability in Adversity where we stay resilient and united in preserving our cultural practices despite facing difficulties. We started our unique online celebrations with our Principal wishing all Muslim colleagues and Northstars a safe and peaceful Hari Raya in her Closing of Term address. Then we showcased how a school staff celebrated Hari Raya differently, before we were entertained by our Malay Dancers and educated by our talented Northstars in a heartwarming skit. We ended the celebrations with a design-your-own Malay costume competition.

Northland Secondary School Speech & Prize-Giving Day 2021 – Revitalise!

Our school celebrated the achievements of our students on 23 April 2021. This year, our theme is ‘Revitalise!’. “Revitalise!” is a deliberate ‘pause’ in our journey of integrating students, staff and systems, to allow us to crystallise the school’s strategic direction and work towards our vision. The intent of this reflective stock-take is to invigorate our students and staff to scale greater heights and taste greater successes in the journey ahead. Our day began with a fringe activity followed by our Northstars’ well wishes to their schoolmates. We had our Prize-Giving Day later in the morning with our Polaris Award going to Clarice Ong of 4R2, class of 2020, who encouraged our Northstars not to procrastinate and to reach for the stars. Our Speech Day ended with the whole school singing our school song, promising to go “From Triumph to Triumph”!

Northstar Shines! A Leader who Dares – Michelle Lim

Northland Secondary School is proud to share that SI (NPCC) Michelle Lim of Secondary 4R4 has been conferred the National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) SPF-NPCC Badge this year. The SPF-NPCC award is the pinnacle award that recognises the outstanding achievements and leadership capabilities of cadets. It is the highest award badge that cadets can achieve. Michelle is the Chairperson of our NPCC Unit.  Her dedication and contributions earned her this highest honour and we beam with pride as we celebrate this achievement with her. Well done Michelle!

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Learners Who Share – Secondary 3 CAT A Elective Modules

Our Northstars from 3A7 and 3A8 attended CAT A Elective Modules from 5-8 April to experience the engaging curriculum that ITE has to offer. During the stint, they attended the Design and Build Your Own Glider EM or the Mobile Robots in Mechatronics EM. During the stint, they attended the Design and Build Your Own Glider EM or the Mobile Robots in Mechatronics EM. They had an enjoyable time and it has definitely opened their eyes on what ITE can offer to them when they finish their secondary school education. We thank their FTs and members of the UPLIFT committee for accompanying our Northstars on this wonderful experience!

Learners who Share - CAT A Elective Modules

Our Northstars from 2T6 and 2T7 attended CAT A Elective Modules from 22 - 25 March. 2T6 attended the Creating a Computer Game EM at ITE College Central while 2T7 attended the Small Business Operations EM at ITE College East. During the four days, our students were given a taste of the exciting curriculum that ITE has to offer. We thank their FTs and members of the UPLIFT committee for accompanying our Northstars on this eye-opening experience!

Northland Celebrates Chinese Lunar New Year

Northland celebrated Chinese Lunar New Year on 11 February, which was the eve of the Lunar New Year. This year, the theme for the New Year celebrations is ‘One Beat One Spirit’. This is to remind students the solidarity of the Northland Family and the importance of being united. The celebrations started with entertaining performances by the Guzheng Ensemble, Wushu and MCAC. The students then started making their own cup drums and practised the ‘One Beat One Spirit’ drumming experience. The classes were visited by a special guest – the ‘God of Fortune’ who took pains to go to every class to shower them blessings and wishing everyone academic success!

Northland Commemorates Total Defence Day

Northland commemorated Total Defence Day on 9 February. Our theme this year is “Together, We Keep Singapore Strong”. The school had arranged a whole suite of experiential learning programmes to remind Northstars that Singapore is worth defending, and we ourselves must defend Singapore. Our Northstars learnt about food rationing and eating simply during difficult times. Our Secondary 1s went through CPR training and our Secondary 2s went to Singapore Discovery Centre to learn more about Military Defence. Our Secondary 3s and Secondary 4s embarked on Virtual Learning journeys and our Secondary 5s learned how to prevent fake news. 

Leaders who Dare – ACE Runners

11 of our ACE Runners took part in the Standard Chartered Virtual Marathon last year. Despite having just started training for a few months, our runners bravely completed the 5K challenge. For their efforts, each participant were presented with a finisher’s medal, running tee as well as a pair of running shoes. If you are interested in running,  do join us in our ACE Running programme every Tuesday 3.30pm to 5.30pm! Do approach Mr Razak for more details.

Learners who Share - Experience ITE Programme

Our Secondary 2NT Northstars went for an Experience ITE Programme on 8 February 2021. Students learned about the careers they can pursue and participated in real-life training using actual training equipment. It was an insightful and enjoyable day for our Northstars. 

Leaders who Dare - NCC Cadets @ Khatib Bongsu Nature Park Kayaking and Engagement Session

On Saturday, 30 January, our NCC cadets, Aloysius Tay (4R1), Ibrahim Bin Hamzah (4R4) and Nithish Rajan (4R4) joined students from other secondary schools to explore Khatib Bongsu Nature Park via kayaks with our grassroots advisor, Mr Louis Ng. Accompanied by Ms Lorraine Soon, our Northstars definitely enjoyed the experience on a beautiful Saturday morning. Way to go, Northstars!

A shining Northstar – Chloe Ng (3A2)

Our Art Unit is proud to announce that Chloe‘s mask design is displayed for sale at the three heritage institutions (Indian Heritage Centre, Malay Heritage Centre and Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall). Chloe was one of the winners of the Mask-a-rade Challenge organised by the National Heritage Board last year. Besides having her winning artwork printed on face masks, she also received a $200 voucher. Congratulations Chloe!

Northland celebrates Pongal

Northland Secondary School celebrated Pongal on Friday, 15 January 2021. Pongal is a festival celebrated in South India over four days, by farmers who give thanks to the Sun God for the blessings of a rich harvest. Organised by the Tamil Unit, the event seeks to educate our Northstars on the significance of Pongal and the importance about learning about other cultures and practices. 

Welcome back to school - Start Right 2021

Northland Secondary School welcomed our Northstars back to school and began our Start Right Programme. During these 2 days, Northstars were reminded of the importance of having a sense of gratitude, having a positive mindset and also learning how to take care of their social, emotional, physical, academic and spiritual (SEPAS) wellness. Northstars also had a good time reconnecting with their form teachers and their friends. Our new Secondary 1 Northstars also had the opportunity to know new friends and teachers. The year definitely promises to be an exciting one for our Northstars! 

A very special Graduation Day

25 September 2020 marked the end of the secondary school education for the class of 2020. The momentous day was carried out remotely in our classes. The event kicked off with a nostalgic video clip taking the students down memory lane. Mdm Tan also congratulated the students and reminded them on the importance of diligence and cultivating a sense of gratitude. This was followed by the speeches by the representatives of each stream and a video of well wishes from the Form Teachers of the graduating classes. It was a day of pride and joy as students marked the last day of their secondary school life by singing “Responsible and Resolute” for the last time. 

Teachers’ Day Celebrations

This year’s Teachers’ Day Celebrations took a different form but it was still nonetheless a significant one. The theme for this year’s Teachers’ Day Celebrations was entitled “Those were the Days”. Our day started with our Northstars preparing handmade bouquets to be presented to their Form Teachers. This was soon followed by a fun teacher-and-students bonding session through a game of Jeopardy. Our online concert soon started with our teachers reminiscing about their past and the school was also treated to enchanting performances by the MCAC and our ACE students. Our highlight, the GEMS Awards paid tribute to our teachers who have gone the extra mile to nurture character and inspire learning. After the concert, the teachers attended an online Zoom lunch to end the celebrations. 

Student Council Investiture 2020

This year marks the inaugural Student Council Investiture. The ceremony albeit done in a smaller scale, was still much celebrated with dignity and meaning. Our first elected President of Student Council, Sheila Ng Xin Yi (3A2), led all the newly-appointed Executive Committee Members in the oath-taking. They pledged their unwavering commitment to be the voice of Northstars and to serve the school with confidence and pride. While the incoming leaders were invested, the outgoing leaders were honoured for their service and dedication. The legacy left behind by their predecessors will continue to be strengthened by the new generation of leaders. The shift from Prefectorial to Student Council Board has been a testament of such spirit, which runs analogous to this year’s theme of, ‘Empowered to Excel’.

Northland Commemorates Racial Harmony Day

Racial Harmony Day was commemorated in a very different way this year. We could not celebrate as a whole community as we normally do, and so the school worked really hard to make sure that whatever we did do was as meaningful as possible. We would like to thank the teachers who have offered to star in our special Racial Harmony video. This has generated deep reflections and sharing, highlighting student voice through the reflections, demonstrating the power of personal stories. Our festivities along the corridor and the special dishes in the canteen were the amazing icing on the cake, wrapping up a week of deep reflection with a lighter touch to awareness building through food.

Northland celebrates Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2020

Hari Raya celebrations has always been one of the favourite events in Northland Secondary School as we celebrate it with staff and Northstars. This year, we took on a more intimate yet meaningful celebration amidst the COVID-19 measures. With everyone in their classrooms, we watched heartfelt Hari Raya well-wishes from school leaders, teachers and staff. We were also entertained by our very own Malay dancers who put up a showcase parading their coveted Hari Raya outfits! Our Northland teachers and staff also rose to the challenge and did their very own Hari Raya showcase. All in the spirit of celebrating the triumph of patience, perseverance and hope.

Citizens who Care – NSS Safe Reopening

Our Secondary 1, 2 and graduating students returned back to school after Circuit Breaker. In school, our Northstars continued to show social responsibility by practising COVID-19 GEARUP and safe distancing. Well done, Northstars! #nssunited

Learners who Share

Our Northland Art teachers, at the 9th annual Art Teachers' exhibition, a;edge (Art Educators’ Developmental and Generative Explorations) 2020, sharing about their art installation “Ripple”. Please click on the link below to read our artists’ interview– 

Northland commemorates Total Defence Day - 14 February 2020

Northland commemorated Total Defence Day on 14 February under the gloom of DORSCON orange. However, behind every cloud is a silver lining and behind every experience is a learning opportunity. Our Northstars appreciated the reason behind our temperature taking exercises and being a socially responsible citizen. Our Northstars also learnt more about food rationing and eating simply during difficult times. They also learnt during their segregated recesses to be Citizens who Care - to clean up after eating by carrying out the Wipe-down Routine. The Secondary 2s learnt to play Guardians of the City, a Total Defence card game, during FTGP.

Family Champions (FamChamps) Of Northland Secondary School

Destiny Stashar Phileo Stanley(3A1), Siti Nor Umairah Binte Mohd Hishammuddin (3A2) and Kinesh Kalaiselvan (3A4) are the Family Champions (FamChamps) Of Northland Secondary School. Their role is to champion family togetherness and values in Northland Secondary School. 

This video is created by the FamChamps, under the guidance of their teacher Mr Ou Jianwen to share the parents of our Secondary Ones their child's needs during this transition period into secondary school. It also gives opportunities to our students to show appreciation towards their family because FAMILY IS IMPORTANT and FAMILY MATTERS!

Northland celebrates Chinese Lunar New Year

Northland celebrated Chinese Lunar New Year on 24 January, which was the eve of the Lunar New Year. This year, the theme for the New Year celebrations is ‘Togetherness’. This is to remind students the importance of family and solidarity. The celebrations started with an enthralling Lion Dance performance. The students then went back for an exciting Chinese knot making competition. The school then went back to the hall and was entertained by an rousing concert put up by the Chinese unit. 

Northland celebrates Pongal

Northland Secondary School celebrated Pongal on Friday, 17 January 2020. Pongal is a festival celebrated in South India over four days, by farmers who give thanks to the Sun God for the blessings of a rich harvest. Organised by the Tamil Unit, the event seeks to educate our Northstars on the significance of Pongal and the importance about learning about other cultures and practices.

Staff Learning Festival

Staff Learning Festival 2019 is for staff to:
  • Increase staff capacity and enhance school support in assessment literacy
  • Form a clearer understanding of of WA in AA
  • Explore digital literacy through the wonders of coding

X-plore Carnival

The X-plore Carnival is the last activity of our LLP, Game for Life. X-plore Carnival exposes students to new and novel sports and physical activities and focuses on instilling Sportsmanship.  On 24 October 2019, our Secondary 1 to 3 students had a wonderful time taking part in Inline-skating, Tag Archery and Bubble Bump Soccer. Through these activities, they also showed sportsmanship by showing Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.

Learners who Share - ALP Symposium

Our school’s annual ALP Symposium was held on 23 October 2019. In line with our school’s vision of “Learners who Share”, the symposium provided a platform for our Secondary 2 students to share their research projects with their juniors. 

The Secondary 1 students were intrigued as their seniors explained how certain health supplements could impact the lifespan of C. elegans, and their possible correlations to human’s longevity. Phatcharaphon from 1S1 commented, “The symposium is very fun and interesting.” We also invited Temasek Polytechnic to engage our Northstars on their Diploma in Gerontology and to inspire them to pursue this endeavour. It was a good day of learning and sharing for our Northstars. 

Teachers’ Day Celebrations

Northland celebrated Teachers’ Day on 5 September with a series of activities to revel the day for our committed educators. Students designed personalised dedications on clipboards for their teachers to show their appreciation. This was followed by a class party. Teachers and students had a wonderful time before proceeding to the hall for the finale, the Teachers’ Day Concert. The concert was kick-started by a resounding pledge by our teachers to fulfil their mission to bring out the best in our Northstars. This was followed by a delightful performance, entitled “Genies of Northstars”, in dedication to our teachers.  

Leaders who Share - Mayor's North West Networking Session for Schools

On 2 September 2019, the school was invited to share with the community about the school's effort in saving the environment. Our Northstars shared about our SPARCLE 2 Week, the lesson packages designed by the departments based on theme Green Earth for Everyone. 

Northland Celebrates Singapore's 54th National Day

On 8 August 2018, our school celebrated Singapore’s 54th National Day. We started the morning with the Parade Observance Ceremony. Our school’s uniformed groups have put in a lot of time and effort to organise the parade, which lent the celebrations ceremonial splendour, and gave it significance. The parade really showed the resilience of our Northstars.  After the parade, the students proceeded back to class for the Bicentennial Clay-Making activity as well as dressing up their runway icon. The students had a lot of fun bonding with one another. That was followed by an entertaining performance by our Northstars and a showcase of the SG icons. The celebrations ended on a high with community singing and the recitation of the National Pledge with gusto. 




Movie Night

On 26 July Friday, 98 students and their families had a blast watching the movie, “Aquaman” in our school hall. There was a kampong-like atmosphere with everyone relaxing as they watched the movie “Aquaman”.  This activity was organised by our dedicated Parent Support Group (PSG). Our students went home with wonderful memories. 

Racial Harmony Week

Between 15 and 19 July 2019, Northland Secondary School celebrated Racial Harmony Week. A series of meaningful activities were lined up, including classroom discussions on racial harmony in Singapore, a special Citizenship Ceremony for where our Secondary 3s reflected on their responsibilities as Citizens in our multiracial context, a session of Cultural Bites where students, staff and partners got to sample Kacang Puteh, and a hall concert focused on our cultural diversity. We are also very heartened to have our PSG members come on board our RHD celebrations, with them organising a display of carefully curated ethnic items at Makers to help our students learn about our multiculturalism.


Leaders who Dare - NCC Day Observance Ceremony

Northland celebrated NCC Day on 3 July 2019, Wednesday. This year, NCC Day was led by the newly appointed CCA leaders of NCC Land & Air. The parade commander for NCC Day was Master Sergeant Muhamad Dannish Hyder Bin Md Shukor (NCC Land) from Sec 3A2 and the Contingent Commander was Staff Sergeant Nur Nabilah Binte Rosli (NCC Air) from Sec 3A2. They accepted this daunting task with pride and they did an excellent job leading and commanding the contingent.

NSS Combined Uniformed Groups (UG) Camp

Over the weekend of 5-7 July, our uniformed groups conducted their annual combined UG camp. A total of 116 students enjoyed 3 days of outdoor challenges that included a high element course, rafting and an amazing race. Through these activities they strengthened friendships and group identity whilst deepening their understanding of the values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.  This valuable experience for our UG students could not have been possible without the dedication of 15 of our UG teachers, especially Mr Sean Oh and Ms Pang Yijia who led by organising the camp.