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Principal's Message

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Reflections and Aspirations- The New Northland Secondary

Last year 2017 marked the first year of the merger of former Northland Secondary and North View Secondary. This was the year where we wrote a new chapter of a new narrative, one filled with stories of continuity amidst change, tales of triumphs over challenges, and chronicles of our learning and growth. 

Change & Continuity

2017 has been a year of significant change for many of our students and teachers.  Personally, it has been a journey of immense growth. I am grateful for this opportunity to lead a merged school – to be able to learn first-hand how the culture 
and leadership styles in both schools have transmuted into 
distinctive mental models, dispositions towards learning, habits 
and practices.  In navigating the transition, one learns to assimilate what is different, adjust to what is unfamiliar while respecting differences and embracing diversity.

I would like to commend our Northstars – our students from former North View Secondary, for braving a completely new environment with unfamiliar teachers and peers; and our students from Northland, who have embraced their counterparts with kindness and warmth.  Through all these changes, our teachers and colleagues continued to render a high level of care and quality support to our students and to one another.  I am truly grateful to my teachers and staff for their commitment and sense of mission. 

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to our School Advisory Committee (SAC) and Parent Support Group (PSG).  Newly regenerated with members drawn from both schools, they have continued their unwavering and generous support for the new merged school.  Indeed, our PSG unveiled their new mission and identity in November this year, after a year of discussion and consolidation. 

Triumphs over Challenges


Throughout 2017, I have witnessed the display of resilience and strive for excellence by our students.  In the 2017 Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) presentations, our Performing Groups emerged with outstanding results – 2 certificates of Distinction and 4 certificates of Accomplishment.  This is a truly noteworthy triumph as our Performing Groups had to overcome challenges of a truncated training schedule and the integration of new members as a result of the merger.  Similarly, our teams participating in the National School Games (NSG) had to work very hard to bond and perform as a team to represent the new Northland Secondary.  

In March this year, we revamped the SPARCLE Week to include a new signature programme – NOVIA (Northland Overseas Values in Action) to Indonesia for all our Secondary 3 students.  NOVIA represented a triumph for our SPARCLE Organising Team, who had to overcome numerous challenges related to safety and security, logistics and manpower.  However, we rose above these constraints to offer our students a unique opportunity where they learned values of empathy and service as well as 21st century competencies. 

Our first Speech Day in April 2017, a culmination of tireless planning by the merged school team, was another milestone of triumph for the new Northland Secondary.  We were thrilled to have two Guests of Honour - former Principals of our merger schools, Mr Leonard Koh and Mr Remington Chen -  who came together to officiate the opening of our Heritage Gallery, accompanied by a huge turnout of alumni students and teachers.   

We closed the year on a high with our Inaugural Open House with colourful booths showcasing our programmes, vibrant CCA displays and confident student leaders as hosts. We were very encouraged by the support and feedback of the Primary school students and their parents who attended our Open House.

Learning & Growth


                                                                                  At the start of 2017, we made a commitment to make the merger a success. We sought to achieve this by cultivating an attitude of gratitude, a growth mindset and positive relationships. To this end, we have been intentional in expressing appreciation and affirmation and nurturing habits of reading and reflection among our students and teachers.

In particular, amid the frenetic pace that has characterized our world today; we have made time to revisit and reflect on our school vision, mission and values. This is a timely undertaking as we pause to take stock and prepare to ride the next wave of change and together, bring our school to a higher level.

I am pleased to present our new school vision and mission statements:

Our Vision: Learners who Share, Citizens who Care, Leaders who Dare
Our Mission:  Nurturing Character, Inspiring Learning
Our Values:  Respect, Responsibility, Resilience

The vision and mission were collectively crafted to embody all that is good and valued at the new Northland Secondary; as we aspire for all that is worthy, meaningful and significant for our students and staff.

Indeed, 2017 has been a very good year for the new Northland Secondary School.  I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has contributed to make 2017 memorable and successful; and look forward to an even better year ahead in 2018.  

And as I always say – I am grateful.

Thank you and Best Wishes 

Tan Siew Woon
Jan 2018