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Respect, Responsibility, Resilience


Northland students show respect for self and others. This means
Demonstrating empathy by treating others like how you want others to treat you
Contributing to a harmonious community by holding self and others in high regard
Being disciplined in abiding by the school rules and code of conduct


Northland students take responsibility for their own learning and actions; they have a sense of duty towards others. This means  
Being committed to one’s learning and development by ensuring that one participates fully in all opportunities provided in school. Striving to cultivate good values and wholesome habits.
Demonstrating integrity by being honest, dependable and trustworthy in discharging one’s duties and responsibilities
Care for others by offering to help those in need and being of service to the school and community


Northland students have the strength of mind and character; they have an indomitable spirit to survive and thrive. This means 
s Being able to adapt to changes, persevere in the face of challenges and recover from setbacks
s Having the courage to try new things and learn from failure
s Having the Can-Do spirit

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Respect, Responsibility, Resilience

In the night sky, the North Star has always been looked upon as the guiding light for navigation by explorers and travellers. By inspiring every Northland Secondary School student to achieve the desired outcomes as reflected in the North Star, the school envisions every student to be a Northstar as well, hence becoming an unwavering guiding light to those around them in their lives. 

  • The school values (Respect, Responsibility, Resilience) form the core of the North Star. They provide students with the compass to guide them in their thoughts and actions; so they remain true to their values in all endeavours.

  • The six points of the North Star depict the outcomes of students’ holistic development. Each outcome is expressed in terms of a role1,

1 Critical Thinker: To be future-ready, students need a strong foundation in literacy, numeracy and ICT skills to understand, evaluate and use information from various sources well.  They will then move on to create new knowledge in a self-directed and collaborative manner.

2 Concerned Citizen: Students will understand the needs of society, be socially responsible, acquire cross-cultural skills and contribute to Singapore. Passionate students will demonstrate civic literacy and advocate social causes. 

3 Active Sportsman: Students will take care of their physical well-being and embody the Olympic values through at least one lifelong sporting activity.  With good knowledge of fitness, nutrition and games concepts and skills, they will become assets to community by representing the school and the nation.

4 Servant Leader: Students will have the self-discipline and the social-emotional competencies to lead themselves. They will have clear plans for post-secondary education and work towards achieving them. These will give them the credibility to lead peers and the community with their strengths guided by the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership.

5 Creative Artiste: The arts will help students appreciate the value of humanity and participation in different art forms will help bring out their innate creativity. Students with good knowledge of artistic techniques can spread the love for the arts to others.

6 Caring Friend: Students will love themselves, be emotional literate and empathetic, and know how to help others. They will be able to make friends and grow in friendship through showing concern for them.

1  The roles are delineated to help students overcome the conflict of Identity Formation versus Role Responsibility (as defined by Erikson’s stages of Psycho-Social Development) as they explore and navigate adolescence..

Updated on 23rd Feb 2018.