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Craft and Technology Department

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(From Left to Right)
Front Row: Mr Muhd Arshad, Mr Jaafar, Mr Siaw Kah Chin, Mrs Lee Kong Meng, Mr Balasubramaniam, Mr Shankar Selvaraju, Mr Tay Liang Hoe
2nd Row: Mrs Janice Toh, Mdm Nur Jehan, Mdm Gan Lei Fong (HOD C&T), Mdm Marliana, Mdm Yeo Sai Hong
Back Row: Miss Hartini (AYH Sec 1), Mr Mohamed Amin, Mrs Lydia Goh, Mr Ng Qiyang 

The Craft and Technology department comprises Art, Design and Technology (D&T) and Nutrition and Food Science (NFS) units. The department envisions every Northstar to demonstrate critical thinking by solving real-life issues.


Through Art, students will be equipped with skills to observe, perceive and interpret by applying their understanding of Art knowledge so as to make meaning of what they see.  They will also be exposed to various art forms to equip them with the skills to be able to express their ideas and experiences through art.


Through D&T, students will develop empathy by developing a keen sense of observation of things around them and applying the design processes during designing.  Students will be equipped with sketching skills to do product design during ideation.


Through Food and Consumer Education (FCE), students will gain awareness of the importance of health management and consumer education.  Students will be equipped with basic food management and consumer rights and awareness skills to help them make good decisions in lives.  

Department Programmes



Artmosphere is an annual event where students and staff participate actively to  create an artwork to demonstrate our commitment to care for our green earth during SPARCLE 2, a signature programme of our effort to go green.


Design Thinking 

Design and Technology at Northland uses Design Thinking to analyse users’ needs, thinking and behaviour.

This user-centric understanding is incorporated when our students design useful products to help better our lives.


Food & Consumer Education

FCE will guide you in learning more about how nutrition supports our health and sustainability, and help you make more informed decisions for a healthier life!