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Craft and Technology Department


The Craft and Technology department comprises Art & Design, Design and Technology (D&T) and Food and Consumer Education (FCE) and Food and Nutrition (F&N) units. The department envisions every Northstar to be innovative Individual who demonstrates critical thinking in solving real-life issues. 

Art aims to equip students with the necessary skills to appreciate the relevance of art in their lives and be visually literate.  Students will be able to observe, perceive and interpret by applying their understanding of Art knowledge to make meaning of what they see.  They will also be exposed to various art forms to equip them with the skills to be able to express their ideas and experiences through art.

Through D&T, students will be able to appreciate designs by developing a keen sense of observation of things around them through applying the design processes.  Students will also be equipped with sketching skills, which is an essential skill required when working on product design during ideation.

Through FCE and F&N, students will gain awareness of the importance of health management.  FCE will also include equipping students with knowledge of consumer education.  These skills and knowledge will help them make good decisions in lives.