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English Language & Literature Department

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Department Vision -

Inspire and nurture students to be effective communicators who share 

In the English Language Department, we believe that every Northstar is a STAR. A Northstar is a learner who 


We want to inspire students to love the language and hone the use of the English medium through everyday interaction and special programmes. These programmes include -

  • Creative Writing Programme – Northstars develop their writers’ craft through exposure to a wide range of creative writing techniques in recounts and expositions.
  • Oracy Programme – Through Take the Mic, Northstars are given the platform to articulate their opinions on their interest and cause. 

Our literary talents are further nurtured for competitions such as –

  • Chong Pang Next Top Speaker
  • International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS)
  • National Schools Literature Festival 

English Literature 

The aims of the English Literature Curriculum are to:

  • To hone students’ skills of literary appreciation and for the development of perceptive and logical thinking
  • To enable students to understand and analyse the various literary works
  • To provide opportunities for students to write creatively and enhance their ability to understand the thought processes behind literary works

Special Programmes 

One of the highlights of the Secondary 3 Literature programme is The Mask, which focused on personal engagement, meaningful connections, critical appreciation and reflection.  

Our Upper Secondary students attended the dramatisation of The Off-Centre, the set-text offered at O & N levels. It provided the students with the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the text, ignite students’ curiosity and appreciate performing arts. The school also organised two workshops by Haresh Sharma, the author of Off-Centre to meet him in-person to explore the issues highlighted in the text.

Literature Learning Journey – Off Centre

Northland’s Upper Secondary Literature students attended an immersive local play Off Centre on 16 February 2019. The students saw characters from their set text come to life and interacted with famed playwright Haresh Sharma. The students also gained a deeper understanding of the intricacies of a play and were inspired with new perspectives through this learning journey.

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