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Mathematics  Department

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Department Vision -

Inspiring Mathematics Learning, Nurturing Resilient Learners

The Mathematics Department aims to excite students towards the learning of mathematics, and to develop the quality of resilience in the face of challenges.Mathematics is present in our everyday lives, and our teachers aim to make learning relevant by infusing lessons with real-world examples and learning experiences. Through collaboration with other departments, we help create inter-disciplinary learning trails and investigative tasks, such as is done as part of our school signature programmes SPARCLE Weeks 1 and 2. We also bring into the classroom physical manipulatives and online platforms such as Nearpod and Kahoot to help our students learn.Students who need additional support in the subject can benefit from small-group consultations and bridging programmes. Our Normal Technical students also undergo a customised curriculum which incorporates a range of out-of-class and ICT-infused activities.Meanwhile, students who have the interest and potential are also selected to participate in national and international mathematics competitions, including the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad and Australian Mathematics Competition. Students are provided competition training by our very own teachers. In 2018, one of our Northstars, Zhang Tianyou from class 4R1, even scored the Highest Mark in the World Award for the Pearson Edexcel International GCSE!