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Mathematics  Department


Department Vision -

Inspiring Mathematics Learning, Nurturing Resilient Learners

The department teachers believe that everyone can do Mathematics with persistent effort. A strong foundation in the subject will give learners opportunities to solve problems confidently and systematically. These skills will serve them well in the future. 

Our teachers seek to collaborate and learn to improve our teaching and learning. We hope to model this spirit of learning and encourage our students to love Mathematics and believe in themselves. We also bring into the classroom physical manipulat
ives and online platforms such as Nearpod and Kahoot to help our students learn.

The secondary Mathematics curriculum seek to develop students’ cognitive and metacognitive skills, and concepts as well as to allow them to appreciate the beauty and relevance of Mathematics in the real world. 

We support all our students in the learning of Mathematics especially for those who require more guidance. They can benefit from small-group consultations and bridging programmes. At the same time, we strive to stretch students who have a higher aptitude for the subject so that they can pursue a course at the highest possible level in this discipline in the future.