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Normal Technical (NT) Curriculum

To help every N(T) student achieve success in school and be equipped to move beyond secondary school with a clear purpose in their lives. This is achieved by enhancing the quality of school experience for N(T) students through school-based curricular innovations involving both academic and co-curricular programmes, as well as collaboration with partners and external agencies.

NT Learning Day

As part of the NT Curriculum, the NT Learning Day is a day where Secondary 1 to 3 NT students get to go on learning journeys and learn outside the classrooms. 
The objectives of the learning journeys are:
to ignite the joy of learning through experiential activities,
to learn and appreciate how subjects are applied in the real world.

Sec 1 Northstars at Farm Edutour

Sec 2 Northstars at Sentosa

Sec 3 Northstars at Science Centre

Normal Technical (NT) Curriculum for Secondary One NT Students

Our Normal Technical students also undergo a customised curriculum which incorporates a range of out-of-class and ICT-infused activities.

NT Learning Days

NT Learning Days are post-examination activities that are specially planned for our NT students. They allow students to enjoy a new experience and at the same time learn skills and values. The secondary one students had a chance to visit Uncle William, the farmer at Farmart. The secondary two students had a back-of-house cable car learning journey and they were given the opportunities to sit in all the cable car lines in Singapore. 

Experience Institute of Technical Education (ITE) Programme (EIP) and MOE CAT A Elective Modules 

Every year, secondary 2NT students will go through the Experience ITE Programme (EIP). In EIP, students are exposed to various taster modules from different schools. Some of the modules include western culinary, retail sales and mobile robotics. 
Every year, both the secondary 2NT and 3NT students will experience the MOE CAT A Elective Modules (EMs). Students get to choose their preferred module and get a chance to study at ITE for four full days. The EMs help students to gain insights of studying in ITE, deepen their knowledge and skills in a subject matter and to gain one credit point upon completion. In 2018, the students experienced 4 EMs - Design and Build your Own Glider, Mobile Robots in Mechatronics, Retail Sales and Small Business Operations. 

After-School Engagement Programme (ASE)

Selected students are part of the ASE programme. In the ASE programme, students are meaningfully engaged after school. They get to learn skills, participate in interesting activities and give back to society. Some of the fun programmes include learning how to design using 3D pen, baking, ice-skating and holding an entrepreneurial fair.

Time-Out Programme (TOP) 

Every year, selected students are chosen for TOP. These programmes are useful in supporting students for the school year. They help to build socio-emotional competencies in the students and help students to develop important social skills which are useful in life.