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Physical Education & Music Department

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(From Left to Right)

Front Row: Mr Brian Lui (HOD PE/CCA), Mr Shaifulizzam (SH Discipline), Mr Abdul Razak (HOD Educational Support)
Back Row: Mrs Merin Chong, Mr Gerald Tham, Miss Deborah Chong

Physical education (PE) plays an important role in the holistic development of students by promoting the growth of body, mind and spirit, enabling students to experience the exhilarating sensation of well-being derived from being in an exciting match in a well-loved game, or simply from one’s regular exercise routine. Northland’s PE Curriculum articulates these outcomes through a two-pronged approach:

·       Learn to Play

Shaping students’ character, instilling good values, cultivate positive attitudes, & people skills to prepare our students with skills for life.

·       Play to Learn

Providing students with programmes that deliver real-life experiential learning & self-expression to empower them with a lifelong love for physical activity and sports.

The school delivers these outcomes by focusing on 4 areas defined under the school’s “F-A-S-T” PE Curriculum Map

Developing students’ ability to take ownership of their fitness to lead a healthy life

Developing students’ character through sports and physical activity grounded on the school values of Respect, Responsibility and Resoluteness; developing a love for sport and physical activity

Developing students’ psychomotor competencies and skills so that they can participate in recreational competitive sports and outdoor pursuits

Developing students’ problem-solving and understanding of games and sports classification and strategy so that they can participate in recreational competitive sports and outdoor pursuits

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Northland delivers an exciting range of activities in PE

Physical Health and Fitness
Students will develop skills to lead a healthy lifestyle including physical fitness development, weight management and injury prevention & management.

Games and Sports
Students will develop skills and tactics in a various classification of Games and Sports and learn to participate in recreational competitions for these activities. Students will also be introduced to games outside of the PE Curriculum to widen their experiences as well.

Territorial Invasion Games

Net Barrier

Striking & Fielding Games

Ultimate Frisbee






Touch Rugby





Northland’s Music Programme

Music is integral to the holistic development of our children. It contributes to their development of an understanding of the physical, emotional, intellectual, aesthetic, social, moral and spiritual dimensions of human experience.

Music Builds

Music teaches students to be creative and innovative. It teaches students to think outside of the box to solve problems

Music Bonds

Music teaches students about other people and cultures. It brings people together through a common language.

Music Communicates

Music teaches students values, and helps them learn about themselves better. It gives them a language to express themselves with

Music Celebrates

Music gives students a way to connect with and celebrate with others

Through the A-R-T-S, Northland’s Music Programme aims to:


Expose students to different types of music and create awareness of the local and global music scenes.


Develop students’ abilities to critically appreciate music.

T-alent Development

·       Identify and hone students’ musical talents.

·       Provide platforms to showcase students’ musical talents.


Provide opportunities for students to pursue arts excellence through their art discipline of choice