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Science Department


Fostering the Joy of Learning in the Wonders of Science

The Science Department at Northland Secondary School seeks to nurture an intrinsic motivation towards learning in every student and that learning should be a lifelong journey of exploration and discovery in the wonders of Science.

The AIMS of the Science Department are to provide well-designed studies of experimental and practical science, in particular, to enable them to acquire sufficient understanding and knowledge to:

1. become confident citizens in a technological world - able to take or develop an informed interest in matters of scientific importance and be suitably prepared for studies beyond the secondary level in the sciences, applied sciences or in science-related courses

2. develop abilities and skills that are relevant to the study and practice of science such as observing, inferring, explaining and analysing

3. develop attitudes relevant to Science such as accuracy, precision, objectivity, integrity, inquiry; initiative, and inventiveness

4. stimulate interest in and care for the local and global environment.

!NSPIRE is our Science signature programme comprising a series of exciting activities that ignites students’ passion in Science and cultivates inquiry and creative problem skills. Through Science activities such as Scientific Thinking via Hydroponics, Project Green Earth, Crystal Growing, research projects and talent mentoring, Northstars develop vital attitudes in Science such as curiosity, critical thinking, collaborative and communication skills.