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FAQ Page

Q1 What is the cut-off point to enter Northland Secondary School?

The cut-off point for the school varies from year to year based on our applicants.
For reference, the school’s cut-off point for 2018 intake was 188 - 239 for Express stream, 152 -186 for Normal (Academic) stream and 122 - 151 for Normal (Technical) stream.

Q2 Are we able to seek admission to Northland Secondary school via Direct School Admission (DSA)?

 We welcome: 
All primary school pupils who are currently playing competitive hockey or who display a strong interest and aptitude for 
        the sport may apply. Pupils must display athletic ability, good reflex and hand/eye coordination skills. 
Pupils must possess diligence & positive attitude in academic work. 
Considerations will be taken on a pupil's relevant accomplishments and representation in sports or any other activity. 
Recommendations of the teacher-in-charge of hockey at the primary school/ other references will be taken for 
        Evaluation Only. 

Q3 What CCAs does Northland Secondary School offer?

Band - SymphonicBasketball 
Girl Guides 
Infocomm Club
Dance - IndianHockey 
National Cadet Corp (Air)
 Dance - MalayFloorball National Cadet Corp (Land)  
Dance - Multi Cultural Arts Club NetballNational Police Cadet Corp 
Guzheng Ensemble  Wushu  
Pipe Band   

Q4 What are the CCA days in school?

Our CCAs are conducted every Tuesday (for all CCAs) and Fridays (for some CCAs).

Q5 Is there a closing date MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS)?  If not, how do I apply?

There is no closing date for MOE FAS.  You may approach the office staff to enquire on the application procedures.

Q6 How do my child redeem the transport subsidy and what is the timeline?

  • All MOE FAS students will receive transport subsidy of $10 from Jan to Dec.  Students need to go to Transit Link Office and produce their EZ link card to top up.  
  • Alternatively they can also go to the Add Value Machine to top up. The top up is valid from 1st to 10th of every month.  

Q7 What is the opening hours for the General Office?

General Office is opened from 7.30am to 5.30pm every day.

Q8 What is the opening hours for the school Bookshop Vendor?

  • The bookshop is located within our school canteen. 
  • It is opened Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 2.30pm.

Q9 What is the address, contact no and opening hours for the school Uniform Vendor?

The uniform vendor is located at:
 604, Sembawang 
Shopping Centre, #02-13.

The contact number is 67531489
They are opened from 11.30am to 8.00pm every day.