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Parent Support Group

President:Mrs Molly Leong
Vice PresidentMr Mohamed Faisal Bin Mohamed Noor

The Parent Support Group (PSG) has always been a strong and invaluable school partner, dedicating time and hard work to contribute to the school.  Despite safe distancing measures, our parents continued to contribute by collaborating with various departments in some of the school programmes. The PSG helped to oversee the ‘Breakfast for the Early Ones’, a Peer Support Leaders Programme. As part of Chinese New Year celebrations, the PSG worked with the Mother Tongue Department and initiated a Chinese cultural enrichment activity in the library.  During Racial Harmony day, they educated our Northstars on the various traditional ethnic foods through Cultural Bites! Programme. Our PSG continues to play the important role of being the bridge between the school and parents by supporting and serving our school and enlivening and enriching our students’ learning experiences.

Our activities - 

  • helping out in school events such as  
    • Secondary 1 Registration
    • Chinese New Year Concert
    • X- treme Run, X-cite Games
    • Speech Day 
    • school’s Open House
  • organising a Movie Night to promote parent and child bonding
  • promoting a culture of showing appreciation through the sales of flowers and handicrafts to students to allow them to express their appreciation to their parents and teachers on special days. 
  • expressing our gratitude to the Northland teachers by giving them a luncheon on Teacher’s Day
  • educating new parents on how to relate better to their child (3 per semester)
  • engage in Dad’s for Life Programme to enhance father and child bonding.

Parent Support Group Activities (2019)

PSG Activities (2018)

Recognition of PSG - Friends of NSS Award (2018)

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source: Schoolbag.sg, Ministry of Education.