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Parent Support Group

Chairperson:                                                                                   Mrs Molly Leong
Vice Chairperson :                                                                      Mr Mohamed Faisal Bin Mohamed Noor
Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centre  Coordinator:  Mdm Hanita Kammo

Our team of parent volunteers are energetic and committed to working with the school to enrich our Northstars’ learning experiences.  

Our activities - 

  • helping out in school events such as  
    • Secondary 1 Registration
    • Chinese New Year Concert
    • X- treme Run, X-cite Games
    • Speech Day 
    • school’s Open House
  • organising a Movie Night to promote parent and child bonding
  • promoting a culture of showing appreciation through the sales of flowers and handicrafts to students to allow them to express their appreciation to their parents and teachers on special days. 
  • expressing our gratitude to the Northland teachers by giving them a luncheon on Teacher’s Day
  • educating new parents on how to relate better to their child (3 per semester)
  • engage in Dad’s for Life Programme to enhance father and child bonding.

Parent Support Group Activities (2019)

PSG Activities (2018)

Recognition of PSG - Friends of NSS Award (2018)

Tips for Parents
- ICT in Schools: To Use or Not to Use 
- When sibling rivalry causes problematic behaviour...
- Helping Your Children Protect Their Personal Data Online *New
- Parents Tip Sheet on 
Cyberwellness *New

Raising your child for Success
source: Schoolbag.sg, Ministry of Education.