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At Northland Secondary School, we see parents as key partners in the development of our students as Northstars, as our students spend most of their time in school and at home. Thus, a strong, active and collaborative school-home partnership would best ensure our students’ well-being and holistic growth.

We seek to achieve this in the following ways:
  • Encourage active parental involvement in their children’s school life by
    • establishing timely communication with parents on school activities and programmes through letters and the school website.
    • providing daily updates on students’ attendance in school via SDM, given the importance of attendance and punctuality on students’ learning.
    • providing updates to parents on their child’s progress, well-being and behaviour as necessary
    • inviting parents to school, or visiting the family at home, for conferences with staff to develop joint strategies to support their children’s development, as necessary.
    • Inviting parents to selected school programmes.
  • Support parents in developing their children’s potential by:
    • organising workshops for parents under the Family Matters @ School programme to equip parents with the skills to understand, engage and develop their children.
    • providing financial assistance (see school website for details).
  • Provide opportunities for parents to contribute directly to the education of their children through:
    • the Parent Support Group (PSG), comprising parent volunteers who help to organise school programmes and improve the school. Parents who wish to join the PSG can contact Mr Brian Lui at 6257 6781.
    • feedback and suggestions. Parents who wish to provide us with feedback can email us at northland_ss@moe.edu.sg

Parents who wish to access more resources on supporting your children can 
(i) reference the student handbook, which contains information on academic, non-academic and conduct expectations and (ii) access the Parents in Education Website at http://parents-in-education.moe.gov.sg.

We look forward to a strong school-home collaboration, for the benefit of our Northstars.

Mar 2019 

Jun 2019