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NSS Parents Support Group

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The NSS Parents Support Group (PSG) is made up  of dedicated and passionate parent volunteers who help to support and  organise programmes and events for the students, teachers, families and communities so as to fulfil its mission,

To foster a trustworthy relationship while working harmoniously with the school to inspire success through a positive and vibrant educational journey for our students.

PSG logo shows a pulsing heartbeat as PSG are HITS through their heartwork that benefits their children, families and the school.
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The PSG works closely with the school, Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) and Ang Mo Kio  Family Service Centre (AMKFSC) to bring family life education programmes to all parents. With shared efforts, parents will certainly feel empowered as they help to reap success collaboratively, shaping and raising responsible and competent teenagers who are caring, confident and connected to family, school and community. 

So do join the NSS PSG!

The NSS PSG has lined up an interesting array of talks and activities.
Please help to complete this simple parent needs survey by scanning the QR code below or use the LINK:- https://qrgo.page.link/7i6dV


Some of the activities PSG members are involved in.
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