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Subject-Based Banding (SBB)

Every student is unique and possesses different strengths. Taking subjects at a higher academic level can help students nurture their strengths and gain them more opportunities throughout their educational journey, so that they are more engaged in learning.

For incoming Sec 1 students:
Eligible N(A) and N(T) students should have received an application form, based on the following criteria:

(Parents will be asked to submit SBB letter of offer via online platform. More details will be made available nearer to the date by Parents Gateway)

Beyond the start of Sec 1:
  • Students who do well in school-based examinations may be considered for higher-level subjects if found suitable to do so by our school. Eligible N(A) and N(T) students will receive an application form after the Sec 1 Mid-Year assessments or Year-End Examinations. Our school will provide support through bridging programmes for these new SBB students.

  • Students are encouraged to continue with the higher level subjects until the end of Sec 2, as students do need time to adjust to the higher academic demands. Our school will monitor students’ progress in the higher-level subjects as well as overall progress in all subjects. There will be a review of the child’s progress at the end of Sec 2 and corresponding higher level subject will be offered if he/she meets our school’s criteria.