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Nebula Student Centre

Officially opened on 19th April this year, the Nebula Student Centre offers a friendly, relaxing atmosphere where students can unwind and socialise with friends and others who share similar interests after school curriculum hours.

The students can enjoy a game of Pool, Ping Pong, Air Hockey, Arcade game machine, PlayStation 5, Board games such Monopoly or Scrabble, Jenga or simply relax with their friends in the room.

Post exam activities were also organised to engage the students after completing their assessments, giving them opportunities to show their competitive side, as well as to just chill. The activities organised this year are as follows:


Air Hockey Competition

In Term 2, we had our first Air Hockey competition opened to our Upper Sec students. To add excitement, the student participant had to partner with a teacher to spar with another teacher student pair. In Term 3, the Lower Sec students also had their chance to compete in the Air Hockey Competition - Teachers’ Day Special.



Upper Sec Pool Competition

Another Teachers’ Day Special, we had our first Tag-team Pool Competition in Term 3. In pairs, the Upper Sec students played against a teacher duo. 


Lower Sec Movie Screening

The students were given a choice to vote for a movie that they would like to watch with their peers and Shang Chi was the top choice


Our Student Leaders

Our Nebula Student Centre is run and managed by our Student Leaders. Guided by our social workers from SHINE and teachers, the above activities were proposed, planned, publicised, and run by our Student Leaders as well. Our dedicated student leaders will also be organising their first outdoor activity for our Lower Secondary students during the coming November School Holidays.

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