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Socio-Emotional Learning

In Northland Secondary, we aim to groom Responsible, Resolute and Respectful Northstars with positive attitudes and good behaviours. To do so, we seek to develop the following Socio-Emotional competencies in each and every student through their years with us:

Recognises how one's emotions and thoughts affect their behavior
Recognises his/her strengths and weaknesse
Has confidence & positive self-worth
Accepts constructive feedback from others

Exercises self-contron & self-discipline
Is motivated to set and work resolutely towards personal goal
Learns from personal experiences and constructive feedback
Manages stress and overcomes setbacks/challenges

Considers the views and feelings of others
Accepts others for who they are (gender, race, religion & culture)
Takes care of his/her surroundings

Communicates respectfully
Works cooperatively in teams
Maintains friendships through mutual respect & care
Resolves conflicts effectively

Identifies the problem in a situation or an issue
Thinks of ways to work through a situation
Evaluates options (ethically and morally) and acts on appropriate decisions
Takes responsibility for his/her actions and reflects on the impact of his/her decisions

Time Out Programme
We recognise formal education as a choice route to the future for our students. Thus, we run the Time Out Programme to provide additional support to students facing difficulties with schooling. IN Northland Secondary School, two variants are run:
a. GLOW, to support students with entrenched difficulties in terms of school-readiness
b. SHINE, to enhance student attitudes and behaviours towards schooling.