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Values in Action

Values-in-Action (VIA) is a learning experience that enhances students’ development of their identities as socially responsible citizens through ownership of their contributions to the community. Our VIA approach enables Northstars to progressively contribute to the school, society and overseas community through Action, building Awareness and Advocating for those who are in need.

Northland Overseas VIA (NOVIA) is our signature school programme where all Secondary 3 students get the opportunity to contribute to communities in the region like, Phnom Penh in Cambodia, Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, Sarawak in Malaysia and Batam in Indonesia.

In these communities, our students endeavour to contribute in improving the physical spaces and even prepare to teach English and Mathematics to beneficiaries in primary schools and orphanages. Through this process, our Northstars learn not just about the different ways in which people live, but gain important perspectives surrounding their own lives in Singapore.

To provide our students with exposure to leadership, each class elects 2 representatives called Singa Ambassadors who work with their form teachers to lead the planning and execution of VIA for their class.

Overseas Values in Action (NOVIA)