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Northland Success Stories

Le Yan Ni.jpgLe Yan Ni
Northland Student 2015-2018

M1 School's Challenge 'B' division Champion 2017
M1 School's Challenge 'B' division 4th in grouping 2018
Under 17 netball selection trial

Northland Secondary School's Netball has played a vital role in my secondary school life and shaped the person I am today. It has certainly taught me many values, which I continue to hold on to up till today. One of the most important takeaway from my experience in NSS netball is the value of perseverance. NSS netball taught me to persevere throughout my secondary school journey, as I tried to juggle my studies and netball training. My caring school netball coach and teachers gave me a lot of encouragement as I was going through many ups and downs during that time. They helped me build my confidence and even made me the Captain of my team. I'm grateful to Northland Secondary school for paving the way for me to pursue my Netball passion and for helping me build good values.  Their efforts enabled me to gain entry into Anderson Junior Colleague through the JAE programme.

dawnraj rengasamy.jpgDawnraj Rengasamy
Northland Student 2015-2018
Field Hockey

      National Men’s Senior Team from the age of 15
 •  Youth Olympic Games Qualifier 2018 
 • Asian Hockey Federation Cup 2018
 • International Hockey Test-Series 2019
 • Asian Hockey Federation Cup 2022

My first international tournament was the YOG Qualifiers in 2018. I was 15 years old and the youngest player in the tournament. Following that tournament, I was the Captain of the AHF cup held in Australia. My first Senior men's games were the international hockey test series in 2019.   Northland Secondary School was the foundation of my sporting career. Northland Hockey has a great winning history, and I was glad to be part of the journey. The coaches and staff in Northland always motivated me to do my best in sports and studies. Northland Hockey has taught me juggling schoolwork and  competition, which also taught me about time management skills. In addition, we went for many camps and overseas trips. All these have benefited us in many ways, both individually and as a Team. This bonding  helped us improve  our teamwork on the pitch and made us lifelong friends off the pitch. The best part of my time in Northland was going through ups and downs with my teammates. The friendships I forged during this journey has lasted me till this day, and I'm sure, for many more years to come.

mhd zaki.jpgMuhammad Zaki Bin Zulkarnain
Northland Student 2014-2018
Field Hockey

  Youth Olympic Games Qualifiers 2018 (Bangkok, Thailand)
 • Hockey Series Open 2018 (Singapore)
 • Junior AHF Cup 2019 (Oman) 
 • Hockey Series Finals 2019 (France)

Northland was an important stepping stone for me to venture into the sport of Field Hockey, with strong support from seniors and committed coaches who constantly motivated me to push my boundaries. I wouldn't be where I am today, playing the sport with passion at a high level. Thank you,Northland, for being the school that every Northstar needs!

takashi watanabe.jpgTakashi Watanabe
Northland Student 2013-2016
Field Hockey

  Captained Youth Olympic Games Qualifier
 • Thunderbolts Cup 2016, 2017 
 • Razak Cup 2017, 2019

A teacher affects eternity, and I am grateful and lucky enough to have met mine in Northland Secondary School. To all the Northland teachers, thank you for supporting me in my passion. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Nicholas.jpgNicholas Joshua Ng Joa Chim 
Northland Student 2010-2014
Field Hockey

  Represented Singapore Hockey since the age of 19
 • AHF Cup 2016
 • Hockey Series Open 2018
 • Hockey Series Finals 2019 (France)

Northland Secondary School played a huge part in developing me into the person I am today.  Besides being given the opportunities to become a better hockey player, the school also taught us essential values to become a better person. Although I was not an easy student to teach, my Teachers and Coaches continued to believe in me and put in additional time to help me. Without the support of all my Teachers, I would not be where I am today.

Enrico Elifh Marican 1.pngEnrico Elifh Marican
Northland Student 2004 - 2007
Field Hockey & Floorball

   Played for the National Team since 2007 Hockey Men’s Team
• Captained the Singapore National Team 2012 -2021
• Junior World Cup 2009
• SEA GAMES 2007, 2013, 2015, 2017
• Asian Games 2010, 2014
• Torch Bearer For SEA Games 2015
• Club Deportivo Terrassa Spanish D’honor league 2017/2018 

• Men’s World Floorball Championship 2008, 2012 and 2016
• Best Player In 2008 and 2012 WFC against Great Britain & Switzerland
• Asia Pacific Championship 2006, 2007 and 2010
• Captained the Combined School Team

Northland Secondary School plays a vital role in my sporting career. Being an athlete in Northland has taught me so many valuable lessons. From juggling schoolwork and intense competitions and trainings, I learnt the art of time management and discipline. 

The main thing I took away as a student in Northland was the emotions I go through with my teammates during our journey together. We learnt to bounce back from setbacks. We have also developed the mental resilience and this has made the person who I am today. Thank you Northland for providing this opportunity to me to realise my potential. 

Enrico Elifh Marican.png

Tan Ri Yu2.jpg

Tan Yi Ru

Northland Student  2003 - 2006
Field Hockey & Floorball

•Represented Singapore Floorball at age of 15
•Represent Singapore Hockey at age of 17 
•Full Time Hockey/Floorball Coach(2008-2018)

Northland’s Hockey and Floorball programmes have moulded me to be a better player. They also always remind me to be on the right track morally, especially when I put on the school jersey. The programmes helped sharpen my skills as I saw steady improvements on the pitch. Northland also provided me with platforms to travel and compete overseas. Through constant honing of skills and character, it eventually benefited me by enabling me to get into polytechnic using Hockey/Floorball through Direct School Admission Scheme. I also attribute a big part of my development to my dedicated coaches and teachers who constantly supported us.

Tan Ri Yu1.JPG

Mohd Sabri 1.pngMohammed Sabri Bin Yuhari

Northland Student 2003 - 2006

Field Hockey & Floorball

Represented Singapore in Hockey and Floorball from 2006-2017

    •    • SEA Games 2007, 2013
         • Asian Hockey Federation Cup 2022
      Junior World Cup 2009
         • World League Round 1 2012
         • World League Round 2 2015
      Asian Games 2010, 2014
      Asian Games Qualifiers 2010, 2014
       Olympic Qualifiers 2012
      Captained the Men's Junior World Cup Hockey Team 2009
                                              • Currently a Hockey and Floorball coach

My debut in the National Hockey Men’s Team was the Arafura Games in Darwin, Australia. I was one of the youngest players in the team. It was a memorable game for me as it was where I got to experience professional hockey. I was the co-captain of the U-21 Men’s National Hockey Team that competed in the 2009 Junior World Cup in Singapore. In addition, I represented Singapore in the Asian Games, SEA Games, World Series, Asian Cup and Olympic Qualifiers. 

Northland Hockey and Floorball have shaped me into the player I am today. With dedicated coaches and elaborated training, I built my hockey and floorball foundations. Northland also gave us many opportunities for overseas training and games that were memorable and exciting for all of us. My teammates and I continue to be good friends even to this day. 

Mohd Sabri 2.png

ANG SHIQI.jpgAng Shiqi
Northland Student 2000 - 2003

 Played for the National Team 2009 - 2014
Captained Singapore’s Women’s U21   National Netball Team 2008
• Nations Cup 2008, 2014
• Asian Netball Championship 2009, 2014
• Australian Netball League 2010
• Scotland- Singapore Test Series 2009
• Asian Youth Netball Championship 2006-2008

Sharil 1.pngSharil Ismail
Northland Student 1996 - 1999

Singapore Floorball Men’s National Team 

• Full-Time Coach (Floorball)
• Asian-Oceania Floorball Federation                      Committee (AOFC) Member
• Chairman of AOFC Referees Development      Committee (Head of Referees Asia)
• Singapore Floorball Association (SFA)                  Committee Member
• Chairman of SFA Referees Development                                                                        Committee (Head of Referees Singapore)

My teachers and coaches in Northland play an important role in developing me into who I am today. Even though I gave them a lot of problems as a student, they continued to guide me and encourage me to be a better person. They instilled in me the values of responsibility and resilience, which have served me well even till this day. They nominated me for the Floorball Men’s National Team trial, in which I was then selected to represent the country for the next seven years. This paved the way for me to carve out my career in sports. Their belief in me made me believe in myself.