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Why should you be here?

If you have an interest in Hockey, Floorball or Netball and wish to pursue these sports at a competitive level and beyond, we invite you to apply to Northland Secondary School.  

DSA Selection Criteria

           We are looking for students who:

          • Play competitive hockey, floorball or Netball or who possess athleticism
          • Display a strong interest and aptitude for the sports
          • Are committed to giving their best effort in academics and sports

Click here for a video introduction about Northland and our Hockey, Floorball & Netball CCAS.

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Northland believes in the potential of Sports and Physical Activity to help our students grow. Consequently, we prepare our students to be "Future-Ready" adults through our Sports-focused Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

Leveraging our customised Sports and Physical Activity Programme, a student who comes to Northland will grow into a Sportsman for Life, possessing Sportsmanship for Life

Sportsman for Life

In Northland, we provide programmes to help students pursue their sporting aspirations and realise their potential. We also empower them to lead a healthy life through lifelong physical activity and sports. 

Sportsmanship for Life

Through sports, we develop our students' character by instilling in them the values of Resilience, Responsibility and Respect. We also prepare students for the future by helping to strengthen a positive attitude, critical thinking and people skills. 

Students that come in through DSA can look forward to the following series of programmes:


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Structured Sports Development Programme aimed at helping students attain their sporting potential

Exposure to high-level sports through competitions with local and international teams

Collaboration with external Sports Clubs and SportSG

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Sports Leaders Programme

Camps and exclusive sports experiences