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Selection Process

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All interested pupils may make your intention known by attending any of the indicated sessions at Northland Secondary School's Hockey Pitch.

Interested pupils are required to bring with them the duly completed NSS DSA Application form for submission during the selection trials.

Pupils who are unable to turn up on any of the dates can make special arrangements for trials to be conducted at other times. Such arrangements must be made before 28 August 2018, Tuesday as assessments and DSA Application forms should be submitted to Northland Secondary School by 31   August 2018, Friday. 

Northland Secondary Hockey Assessors will be present to observe pupil’s abilities during school training or competition.

The request for alternative arrangements can be made via email or through our mailing address:

Mr Lim Jeen Perng / Ms Nur Khalilah Jasmani
Direct School Admission 2018
3 Yishun Street 22, Singapore 768578
HOTLINE: 62576781

All NSS DSA application forms must be submitted to Northland Secondary School by 31 August 2018, Friday. Pupils who have not been assessed during this selection exercise will not be considered.