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Prefectorial Board

Our Prefects endeavour to become confident ‘Leaders who Dare’. As student leaders, they are vested with authority by the school to serve with confidence and conviction. This year, the Prefects transitioned to a new organisational structure designed to empower them with more opportunities to lead the school. Guided by Kouzes and Posner’s Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership, our prefects strive to exhibit self, peer and community leadership. They go through a series of training programmes designed to enhance their skills to organise, persuade and lead their peers in major school events. Our prefects are given opportunities, within or outside of school, to develop their servant leadership competencies. To provide our prefects with a broader worldview and enhance their communication abilities, they participate in the Youth Communication and Leadership Workshop annually by the Toastmasters’ Club, while others embark on an Overseas Immersion and Excursion trip to Hainan, China. 

Our prefects will continue to serve to the best of their abilities and commit themselves to becoming dedicated Servant Leaders.

Miss Norashikin Binte Ibrahim

Mrs Daphne Kirishanan

Ms Siti Fathona

Ms Gu Tong

Executive Committee:
Head Prefect:
Nabilah Binte Rosli (3A2)
Vice-Head Prefect:  Thet Htar Su San (3A1)
Secretary:  Shelia Ng Xin Yi (2T2)
Head of Communication and Outreach:  Aishwarya Anbu Chezhian (3A2)
Vice-Head of Communication and Outreach: Joanne Annabelle Tjia (2T3)
Head of Student Development:  Kristina Dwi Binte Kurniawan (2T2)
Vice-Head of Student Development:   Zarifah Binte Mohamed Juraimi (3A2)
Vice-Head of School Pride:  Michelle Lim Xin Yu (2T4)