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SPARCLE Week 2 is a week-long interdisciplinary learning experience aimed to provide a holistic learning experience for all students from Secondary 1 to Secondary 3 where they worked, on a thematic group-based project to solve real-world problems. The theme was ‘Green Earth for Everyone’ with each level having a different focus. The learning activities weaved concepts across various academic subjects together, thereby allowing our students to see the relationship between the different disciplines and the SPARCLE 2 theme.
Secondary 1: Living with Biodiversity
The Secondary 1 students put on an explorer’s lens and uncovered the biodiversity at the Singapore Botanic Gardens and Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve. Inspired to do their part in nature conservation, our students worked in groups and designed interesting games to raise awareness of biodiversity and promote conservation. They engaged the Secondary 2 and 3 seniors who eagerly participated in the games which involved rescuing animals from harmful human activities.
Secondary 2: A Zero-Waste Nation
The Secondary 2 students were champions of a zero-waste nation. At the Tuas Incineration Plant, Semakau Landfill and NEWater Visitor Centre, our students were awed by the high- tech infrastructure that manages and disposes all the waste in Singapore. Faced with the reality that Singapore has limited land for solid waste disposal, our students embarked on an important mission to be Northland Waste Busters. They designed posters to advocate the 3Rs and shared enthusiastically with the school on the impact of waste on the environment.
Secondary 3: Eco-Smart Town
The Secondary 3 students participated in learning journeys to the City Square Mall and Centre of Building Research, where they examined how smart technology and eco-friendly features are embedded into our towns and homes to promote energy and water conservation. In a bid to promote a green lifestyle, our students worked in groups and innovated eco-smart products that can be used in everyday life. They presented their products to the school through self-made videos and inspired their peers to use energy and water more efficiently.