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Group Focus AreaDevelopmental Areas
Student CouncilPromote positive school culture and student well-beingTeacher's Day,
Leaders' Investiture,
The Makers Space
Peer SupportStrengthen student-student relationshipsBreakfast Programme,
Peer Support Programme
Class Committee  Manage class-related
Class Activities,
SINGA Project,
SG Ambassador
 CCA Leaders Develop specific skills and leadership dispositions CCA training,
Skills acquisition programmes

The Students’ Council is the school’s premier platform for developing confident student leaders who dare. The Council has strengthened its resolve to be the representatives of the student body, listening to the voices of Northstars. This year, the Council continued to seek feedback from the ground and issues surfaced by Northstars were analysed and shared with our School Leaders to improve the school.  

The Council also continues to initiate and support school events, such as the inaugural Induction Ceremony for Secondary Ones. The Council has also grown in their ability to plan, articulate their proposals as well as implement events at school level. The Council EXCO members have shown maturity in their thinking and honed their collaborative competencies.

Our Student Councillors are cognisant of their leadership progress and development through their self-assessment of leadership and conversations with the Student Leadership teachers. Our Students’ Council will continue to work together with the student body to increase their own and the student body’s voice and agency.

Teachers-in-charge:                Mdm Lenny Azlina Bte Mohd Ikhsan

                                                  Mdm Siti Fathona Bte Amdan

                                                  Mr Brian Phua

                                                  Miss Zahratul Asyeeqah Binte Mohd

                                                  Mr Ernest Yeo

                                                  Mdm Nurulain Bte Ishak

                                                  Ms Kng Hwee Mae


Student Leaders

President:                    Grace Supasinee Wong (3A1)

Vice Presidents:          Adrianna Natasha Yazid (3A5)

                                     Nur Maesarah Masrie (3A3)

EXCO members:         Sharlotte Anne Ye Ning Xuan (3A1)

                                     Jong Jin Shan Novrynn (3A1)

                                      Siti Asdyan Daniya Binte Muhammad Ramdan  (3A1)

                                      Koh Zun Ngee (3A2)

                                      Esperanza Petrosia Fernandez (3A3)

                                      Hua Vang Ngoc My My (3A3)

                                      Manikandan Saggarika (3A5)

                                      S Poojasri (3A5)

                                      Liao Háo Jùn Rony (3A5)

                                      Jmie Lee Ya Shi (3A6)