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Sec 1 Camp Respect

SPARCLE 1 Week 2019 - Secondary 1 Camp Respect

During SPARCLE Week, our secondary 1 students were engaged in fun activities that helped them understand how the various subjects play a part in their every-day lives in the N.S.S. Trail. Northstars also visited Kidzania and explored a variety of occupations and appreciated work life. In addition, our Northstars interviewed our cleaning staff to appreciate the demands of their jobs and resolved to keep their school environment clean. They ended the week with a trip to Gardens by the Bay where they strengthened bonds while appreciating Singapore’s nation-building efforts.

SPARCLE 1 Week 2019 - Secondary 1 N.S.S. Trail

During SPARCLE Week, our secondary one Northstars went through the Navigating Success in Subjects (N.S.S) Trail. The objectives of the trail are to enable our secondary one students to experience a multi-disciplinary learning trail that develops confidence and skills in creative problem solving, critical thinking, communication and collaboration; inspire learning by enabling students to appreciate that knowledge from different subject disciplines can be functional and effectively applied and nurture students of character through learning in a cooperative and fun setting. The activities include proposing a NorthStar Meal, drafting a pricing and budgeting plan, promoting the meal and investigating about food fare in the Northland canteen and pledge against food wastage.