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Sec 3 Subject Combination Results

Sec 3 Combination Results for 2020 ( Updated on  9 Nov 2019 @ 11.00 pm)

Sec 3 ExpressSec 3 Normal AcademicSec 3 Normal Technical
 Sec 3 A1 Sec 3A2Sec 3A6
  Sec 3A3Sec 3A7
  Sec 3A4 
  Sec 3A5  

For students who wish to appeal for a change of subject combination,

1) Please complete Section A of the form (word & pdf) attached below.  
Then get your teachers and Subject Teachers/HOD to complete Section B.
(Do note that most teachers will not be in school after 12.00 pm during this period.)

2) Please attach a photocopy of your HDP results and submit the entire set to the General Office by Tue 13 Nov 2019, 12.00 pm.

3) The results of appeal will be released on 18 November 2019 by 12.00 pm.

Appeal Form 2020.docx

 Appeal Form 2020.pdf