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Student ASKnLearn PW reset

How to reset ASKnLearn Passwords for your students

This is a guide for teachers to reset your students’ ASKnLearn passwords.

1.      Go to ASKnLearn and log in:



2.      After you log in, click “Tools” on the header bar.






3.      Scroll down to the “Administrative Tools” Section. Click on “Tutor Admin”.


4.      Enter the student’s FIN/IC number into “UserID or UserName” field of “Search User” and press search. 

5.      The user will appear in the search results. Click the “Edit” button under “Action” to get to the “Update User Details” page.


6.      You will come to the “Update User Details” page.

7.      Scroll down to “Reset Password”. Select “Reset Password To Userid”. Click “Update”.

8.      If successful, you will see a notice that says “User Information has been Updated”.